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This is what property tax statements will look like in Indiana starting next year. The form resembles that which is currently in use in DeKalb County.

ANGOLA — Steuben County Treasurer Missy Bixler doesn’t know if the county’s property tax statements will remain in their traditional colored papers, but they will definitely change starting next year.

The new tax form will closely resemble the tax statements that have been used starting this year in DeKalb County.

“It’s going to be totally different than what we’re used to,” she said.

For DeKalb County Treasurer Sandra Wilcox, it is an honor to have the work done by she and her staff to create the form get recognized by it being adopted for statewide use.

“We took scissors and tape and pasted together all the different pieces of the bills that we wanted to keep, similar to a grade school project. We worked meticulously with the new graphic designer to put this into a format that was easy to read, met post office standards and allowed our system to easily scan it,” Wilcox said. “While the 2020 proposed tax bill has similarities to DeKalb County’s, the final draft was recommended by a committee of treasurers across the state, including Allen, Hamilton, Floyd, Monroe and Marion counties. I am proud of our 2019 tax bills and if the hard work we put into it played a role in the new redesign, I am pleased that it was recognized.”

Bixler doesn’t know if Steuben County’s unique setup with colored paper will stand. Bixler said Steuben County has used pink, yellow and green papers in a rotation for years. That way she and her staff knew whether people paying their taxes were using the correct statement for a given year.

“I kind of like the colored paper. We can tell if (taxpayers) have the right year,” Bixler said.

Bixler said she is waiting to hear from the state on whether she can use colored paper or must stick to white.

The new statements do have colors so taxpayers know which part of the statement to use to remit spring or fall taxes. For the May payment, the spring installment coupon has blue type in certain areas. For the fall, the color used is red.

The statement also has an area that shows all charges, but doesn’t include data of the current Steuben County version that shows extensive property detail, such things as school taxes, home value and the like.

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