FREMONT — Promise Land Community Inc. and Full Potential are collaborating on opening a new store front at Lake Land Commons, the former south side of The Outlet Shoppes at Fremont.

“We signed a lease for a new home,” said Cynthia Church of Promise Land Community.

The groups are going to be located in Lake Land Commons Suite B-12. It is the former home of Bubba’s Pizza.

On Feb. 5, the group is going to have a work day to start putting together the interior of its space.

Volunteers will be working on putting up walls and hanging drywall. Women involved with the group will be serving up a home-cooked meal for lunch.

“We are so excited to have a new place for practicing our cooking skills and hosting a future farm-to-fork breakfast fundraiser,” Church said.

Promise Land Community is a community that provides events and activities and opportunities for those living with disabilities. The group holds events every month to bring its community together. They also work with local groups who provide their time and care in helping the client have positive experiences and be part of the community at large.

“We are a group of people looking to create a space for people with disabilities. We encourage all types of people to join and be a part of this wonderful community that we are growing and nurturing together,” Church said.

On top of creating community events, the group is also are beginning two new programs, a coffee house and a farm to fork service, which the new facility enables.

The group is also looking for financial assistance as it works on building out the storefront and moving forward with new programs.

The group’s web page,, has a donation page along with a list of needed items or on the group’s Facebook page. For example, a $10 donation will cover the cost of a sheet of drywall. If you provided $200, that would pay for a cupboard, and so on.

The group has a fundraising goal of $15,500, which will also pay for such things as a game room and other amenities for the facility.

People who are willing to help out with the work day are asked to email or call 527-0077.

If people would like to receive text updates about Promise Land, text 81010 and in the message, write @pland2022.

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