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This is a conceptual drawing of the front of Casey’s Landing proposed for Crooked Lake. The project was tabled at Tuesday’s meeting of the Steuben County Board of Zoning Appeals due to time limits on use of the Steuben Community Center building. The hearing will resume on Nov. 8.

ANGOLA — A 10-unit condominium project proposed for Crooked Lake was tabled due to a lack of time Tuesday night before the Steuben County Board of Zoning Appeals.

The proposal from local developers Crown Point LLC was tabled until the BZA’s Nov. 8 meeting to be held in the Steuben Community Center. The project, Casey’s Landing, will be the first item on the agenda because of it being tabled.

The hearing was suspended at about 8:50 p.m. because the Community Center has to be cleared by 9 p.m.

Numerous people spoke against the development, which calls for 10 units at the Casey’s Cove Marina site on Crooked Lake’s first basin. There were also people who spoke in favor, though they were clearly outnumbered by opponents.

“Where I sit today, the development clearly fits the ordinance,” said Clint Knauer, plan director.

Crown Point, which is the name of the addition to the lake, is seeking a special exception to site the condos. It meets all the requirements for such a development under the county’s zoning ordinance. No variances are needed for the project.

Many of the detractors of the project said they thought it did not meet the spirit of the county’s comprehensive plan. Many of the complaints centered on maintaining the character of the lake, developing single family residences versus multifamily housing, parking and environmental concerns.

“This project doesn’t stay in character with the lake’s heritage,” said neighbor Peter Walters.

He said he doesn’t want Crooked Lake to end up looking like Lake James where one condominium blocks the view of another, referencing two developments on Bay View Road.

“It doesn’t feel like you’re coming to the lake anymore,” Walters said.

Randy Strebig, one of the three partners making up Crown Point, said he thought the development would be in keeping with the architecture of neighboring properties and would be an improvement for the lake.

“At the end of the day,” Strebig said in rebuttal, “I feel my presentation was supported by fact.”

The continuation of the meeting will involve questioning of Strebig by the BZA members and deliberation on their part before taking a vote. There will not be any public input, which was closed near the end of Tuesday’s meeting.

Many of the remonstrators also brought up a concept called “view shed,” which entailed back lot owners’ and motorists’ views of the lake being cut off by the project.

Bill Schmidt, BZA member, reminded the audience that one’s view was restricted to what could be seen straight out from his or her property.

Speaking of people off lake or on back lots, Schmidt said, “They have no right. They have no right to those views.”

The building will be 275-feet wide over the property that used to house the marina. Casey’s Cove is being redeveloped about a mile away on Orland Road.

The plans call for 10 units. They will range in size from 1,800- and 2,200-square feet with units containing two or three bedrooms. Each unit will have a single-car garage. There will be docking on the lake.

One of the buildings on site currently used by Casey’s Cove will be turned into storage for the condo owners.

Strebig pointed out that the project will clean up the existing shoreline and cut down on boat traffic because 26 transient docking spaces will be removed. Also gone will be gasoline service for boaters. Much of the hard surface will be removed. From a square foot perspective, there will be less improved square footage on the property.

“This is a significant calming of impact to the lake,” Strebig said.

“It’s obvious they’ve done their due diligence on this project,” said neighbor Jeff Parrish. “I think this will be a great addition to Crooked Lake.”

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