CROOKED LAKE — The loss of electric power added insult to injury at the Steuben County 4-H Fair on Saturday.

At about 1 p.m., the power went out at the fairgrounds and Steuben County Park Campground.

The swine show was not impacted because it had ended around noon. The 2 p.m. dairy show went on as planned but the swine and lamb carcass shows were postponed to Monday. Power was out about an hour and a half.

No champion photos were taken following the swine show to alleviate putting any further stress on the animals and competitors.

Olivia Burlingame, who scored a hat trick plus one in the swine show, herself became a bit overheated but managed to keep on showing, thanks to lots of water.

“The heat was scary, that’s for sure,” Olivia said. “I was overheated.”

Olivia had the grand champion breeding gilt and the grand champion market gilt as well as the overall top market hog. She also won top showman, a title she also captured in 2017 to make the contest of all other barn showmen. This year’s Supreme Showman competition will be held Wednesday at 6 p.m. This year the five-year 4-H’er takes another couple years of experience to the show ring.

Olivia said despite the heat, her animals performed well.

“The animals did well. They kept driving,” she said.

She also said the competition was stiff this year.

“There is some deep competition. There’s a lot of new competition and it has gotten a lot better, a lot deeper,” Olivia said.

She is a member of the Conquerors 4-H Club. The eighth-grader-to-be lives in Litchfield, Michigan, but competes in Steuben County due to the Burlingame family history at the fair, something she’s proud of.

Mosier said water wagons were brought in for the ready in the event more was needed for competitors to keep their animals cool.

Some portable generators were put to use to make sure fans and, in some cases, personal air conditioners, could be powered to keep animals cool.

Another positive: There was a nice breeze coming off of Crooked Lake. Many 4-H’ers took advantage of the beach at the lake to keep cool.

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