LaGrange manhunt

Police cars converge during the search for a suspect Saturday morning in LaGrange County.

BRUSHY PRAIRIE — A 24-hour long manhunt for a LaGrange man ended Saturday morning without incident.

According to police, an early morning 911 tip led officers to barn in the 10000 block of U.S. 20, not far from Prairie Heights High School, where they found Vincent Chilcote, the man at the center of that manhunt.

Chilcote was initially said by police to be armed and dangerous, but officers were were able to talk him into into surrendering at about 7:30 a.m. Saturday

Chilcote, 21, of LaGrange, became the subject of a multi-county law enforcement search Friday morning after he allegedly tried to run over a Steuben County Sheriff’s Department deputy in order to avoid arrest.

Chilcote was wanted on several outstanding warrants issued by Steuben, LaGrange and Noble counties when he was spotted at the West Otter Lake Public Access site. As a Steuben County Sheriff’s Department deputy attempted to take him into custody, Chilcote allegedly used his vehicle as a weapon and attempted to run down a deputy. Steuben County Sheriff R.J. Robinson said that deputy then fired several shots at Chilcote’s fleeing vehicle in order “to protect his own life.”

LaGrange County Sheriff Jeff Campos, whose deputies were involved in the search for Chilcote, said the suspect suffered at least one superficial gunshot injury. Chilcote was examined by emergency medical technicians after he was taken into police custody Saturday morning, and his injury was deemed not life-threatening. He was treated for that injury and then transported to the Steuben County Jail in Angola.

The list of charges filed against Chilcote has not been released.

Officers from the Steuben County Sheriff’s Department, the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Office, the LaGrange and Angola police departments and EMTs from Parkview LaGrange Hospital were on the scene Saturday morning.

Prairie Heights High School, which had gone into lockdown Friday as a precaution, cancelled a number of after-school and sporting events, including a Saturday-morning volleyball tournament.

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