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Trine University adjunct faculty member Lou Ann Homan holds a speech class outdoors on campus during a recent sunny day. The university’s final headcount for fall 2019 showed increases in its main campus and residential students, as well as academic gains for the incoming freshman class.

ANGOLA — Trine University once again welcomed increasing numbers of students to its main campus, while also recording significant gains in the academic profile of its incoming freshmen.

The university has 2,117 students enrolled on its main campus for fall 2019, according to final enrollment headcount numbers, a 2.6% increase from a year ago. This includes 1,479 residential students, a 2.3% jump from 2018.

“In a very challenging time for many higher education institutions, Trine University continues to thrive, thanks to our combination of career-focused majors, personal attention and expert faculty,” said Earl D. Brooks II, Trine president. “More students also are choosing to take advantage of the more than $155 million invested in our residential campus facilities over the last 19 years.”

Trine saw a surge in graduate student enrollment, which rose more than 31% to 630 for fall 2019. International undergraduate and graduate student enrollment also increased 45% to 409 students for this fall.

“Our international students are a critical element in our efforts to bring new perspectives to our campus and community, in addition to providing them with a quality education in the United States, so it is especially encouraging to see gains in that population,” said Brooks.

Trine’s incoming freshman class showed marked gains academically over their peers from 2018, with the average GPA for incoming freshmen increasing from 3.47 to 3.58. The class also showed improvement in percentage with GPA of 4.0 or above, students in the top 10% of their high school class and average SAT scores, among others.

The university saw similar gains among its incoming engineering majors. Of Trine’s freshman engineering majors, 36% were in the top 10% of their high school classes, and 90% were in the top 50%.

“Trine is not only attracting more students, but stronger students,” said Scott Goplin, vice president for enrollment management. “It’s a testament to the career opportunities provided by a Trine education. With a more than 99% employment rate over the last five years, we help students at all levels get into successful careers.”

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