Flight of the Eagle

The final Flight of the Eagle award winners for the 2020-21 school year were named Monday. Each was nominated by administrators and staff for the award. Pictured from left are elementary recipient Avery Lash, middle school recipient Madison Reasoner, Laura McLatcher, Kim Bennett, Anna Creager, Marty McNeal, Jena Stuckey, Gary Baker, staff recipient Bill Hogestyn and Heather Reetz.

FREMONT — Extracurricular programs at Fremont Community Schools have received grants and donations to continue their student outreach efforts.

The school board heard about three such donations on Monday and was enthusiastic about each and how it will be beneficial for programming.

The Steuben County Community Foundation provided $250 for a fifth grade nonprofit and volunteering program.

An anonymous donor gave $5,000 to the high school athletic department and Paul and Lisa Jordan donated $500 to the drama department to use however the department sees fit.

Middle school track coach Derek Cade also asked the board for approval to apply for a grant to purchase upgraded equipment for the track team.

“The Community Foundation said I needed to run it by the board before applying,” Cade said.

Some of the equipment he wants to purchase includes upgraded poles and a finish line camera.

“We see other schools with this stuff and think, why not us,” Cade said. “I’d like to apply and we will see what we can get.”

The board and Superintendent Bill Stitt were all for Cade doing what he can to try and get the grant, which he did not give a dollar amount for, to purchase the equipment.

Monday was also the final meeting for board Member Marty McNeal, as he has moved out of the school district and will not be able to finish out his term.

Stitt gave him an award, thanking him for his service to the school and all he’s done as a board member.

Currently, five people have expressed interest in his seat. The board will follow a process to select his replacement in the coming weeks.

The board will meet again for its next regular meeting on June 21 at noon at the superintendent’s office in the board room.

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