Secret Kindness Agents at Prairie Heights have sent 700-plus anonymous letters throughout the corporation. The agents work with their teacher on the project and say it has inspired them to spread kindness everywhere.

BRUSHY PRAIRIE — There are secret kindness agents at work at Prairie Heights schools, sending some-700 letters, so far, to their schoolmates, teachers and other staff in the school corporation.

And that’s just in the first nine weeks of the school year, with more letters being written every day.

Their teacher, who asked to go by her secret agent name of Agent Hunkra so to not give away her secret identity, got the idea to have her students become secret kindness agents while at a conference over the summer.

She heard project founder Ferial Pearson speak and it sparked the idea in her head to do the project at Prairie Heights.

“My students get no recognition for any of this,” she said. “These guys have no idea how proud I am of them.”

The students started their letter writing campaign just writing to students in their own building but they quickly wanted to expand into the other two schools, so their teacher got with the principals in each building, letting them know so they could get on board.

“One thing that we’ve seen is people don’t quite know how to accept kindness,” said Agent Hunkra.

The letters are signed by the students, also using their agent names, and are full of encouraging words, accolades for a job well done and other positive, uplifting messages.

Letters written Tuesday, for example, targeted the football team, which will go up against Fremont on Friday for the last home game of the season.

Andy Arndt, principal at Prairie Heights Middle School, said he’s seen first-hand some of the uplifting letters and the positive effect they’re having on recipients in his building.

He said he’s seen at least one student with their letter reading it with tears in his eyes because he was so taken aback by the random act of kindness.

One student, who goes by Pink Panther, said it’s fun getting to walk through the halls and see people reading a letter sent by one of the secret kindness agents with a smile.

“It’s really fun to see people smile and wonder who it is and get excited because people care about them,” Pink Panther said.

Other students said the project has motivated them to do random acts of kindness even outside of the classroom.

“You can really see the impact in what we’re doing,” said a student by the secret agent name Minnie Mouse.

Their project has even been recognized on the Facebook page for the project, which can be found by searching on Facebook for @SecretKindnessAgents.

There is also a book about the project, which can be found at https://bit.ly/35jQFtN.

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