ANGOLA — Fire protection agreements for 2020 between Angola and the town of Fremont and Pleasant Township were approved Monday during a regular meeting of the Angola Common Council.

The agreement with Fremont is for a portion of Jamestown Township and is for the sum of $83,809 to be paid in two installments. The amount is a 3% increase from 2019.

The first installment is due prior to June 30 and is for half of the total, or $41,904.50. The other half is due prior to Dec. 31.

The agreement with Pleasant Township is for $446,000, also paid semi-annually with half due before June 30 and the other half due before Dec. 31.

In the agreement with Fremont, it says Angola Fire Department shall provide firefighting services and other appropriate emergency services to residents in a portion of Jamestown Township to the extent reasonably possible, taking into account department manpower, equipment and responsibilities to its home residents.

The terms of the agreement are from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020.

With Pleasant Township, the agreement says Angola shall provide firefighting and other appropriate emergency services to residents and property owners in the township.

The city shall also provide building inspections and the township has the right to quarterly review city building department fire inspection policies.

The fire department shall semi-annually test and back-flush each lake hydrant located in the township and report to Trustee Lawnie “Mike” McClelland any needed repairs or failures.

Also, a city representative from the fire department is to annually meet with McClelland and the township board to review department activity for the year in the township.

The city is to name the township as an additional insured party on insurance policies, providing declaration sheets to the policies to the township.

Each agreement was approved without additional discussion by the common council.

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