ANGOLA — As a woman passes through Cameron Memorial Hospital’s cafe to drop off her lunch refuse Friday afternoon, she stops to talk to Dr. Todd Rumsey, who is pointing out to a visitor details in this year’s Christmas Snow Village set up in the cafe.

“Is this yours,” the woman asks Rumsey.

“No, it’s hers, my wife’s,” he replies, pointing to his wife, Barbara Rumsey, who was on the other side of the cafe.

The woman tells Todd how much fun she had bringing her grandchildren to the hospital to see the display and try to find all of the figurines on the “I Spy” list, which they were able to correctly identify in the five trips to last year’s display.

Last year’s most difficult item was a yellow Frisbee. This year, who knows what it will be, Barbara said as she wrote up lists that will range from easy to difficult to find items in her extensive collection of the Department 56 Snow Village creations.

“I don’t know what it’s going to be this year,” Barbara said as she hurried to get her lists done so the team at Cameron could get them printed up to distribute to guests. Perhaps, she said as she worked Friday afternoon, it would be the Peek-a-Boo Raccoons.

The Rumseys have been putting together different editions of the Christmas village for years, starting first at Dupont Hospital. The Village moved to Cameron with Dr. Rumsey, who just became chief medical officer at the hospital. This is the second year Christmas Snow Village will be on display.

Last year the display was long and narrow, in the north hallway near the hospital’s meeting and prayer rooms. This year, that space has become auxiliary seating for the cafe, which was cleared out so the Village could grow; last year not all of the display space and its various figurines and accessories could be used due to space.

“We have room to spread out (this year),” Barbara said.

In addition to the village taking on a different look — the one thing that’s consistent with the display — a major piece has been added, a train set that’s lighted similarly to the Holiday Train that will again be passing through Waterloo.

“That’s the big thing, the train,” Barbar said.

There are also more vertical elements and the use of more trees that were left out of the display.

The Christmas Snow Village will be on display now through the holidays. It may be viewed daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is just south of the main entrance to the hospital, 416 E. Maumee St., in the Cameron Cafe.

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