ANGOLA — In a situation that could have had a much worse result, Angola Police diffused an armed situation late Monday, resulting in the arrest of an Angola man early Tuesday morning.

Four Angola officers responded to the incident in the 800 block of Shawnee Drive where a man reportedly had a gun drawn on a woman and then police, say records filed.

“It could have went extremely bad but the officers there did exactly what they are trained to do. They did a very good job,” Angola Police Chief Ken Whitmire said. “Just small movements by this man one way or another could have changed things in a bad way.”

Whitmire said all parties involved were pleased with the outcome, which could have been deadly.

When police arrived and gained entrance to the home they found Lamont Larkin, 39, with what appeared to be a gun in his hand. He held up his left hand but obscured his right, which police believed was holding a gun, say Steuben Circuit Court documents.

Officer Brandon Booth, with gun drawn, tried to talk Larkin into putting down what was eventually revealed to be a gun. The woman in the house, who Larkin had previously been pointing a gun toward, tried to deescalate the situation to no avail.

The woman was asked by Officer Brittany Otis to leave the house, then Otis developed a rapport with Larkin and finally convinced him to drop his gun if Booth would holster his gun, which he did. Previously Larkin told police he believed they were at his house to kill him.

Larkin then crawled toward police then retreated. He then became violent with officers before they could restrain him, court records said.

While this altercation was underway, Larkin lunged at Officer Jordan Knights, biting Knights in the neck. Eventually Booth got Larkin to the ground and after he was hit with a Taser by Otis, he was cuffed.

Officers tried to get Larkin under control so they could take him to a squad car then to jail but he continued to fight and leg restraints had to be applied.

Larkin was taken to Cameron Memorial Community Hospital to be cleared to be taken to jail. Probes form the Taser had already been removed by Otis.

As Larkin was brought into the intake garage at the Steuben County Jail, he kicked at the interior of the squad car, damaging it, records said.

At one point, officers considered seeking a 72-hour mental commitment for Larkin, court records said. The woman in the home told police he had been smoking spice the past couple weeks, which could have impacted his mental health.

Knights was also treated at Cameron for his bite wound.

Otis sustained scrapes to her hand and a bruise to a bicep but did not seek medical attention.

About eight hours earlier Monday, Whitmire said, police were called to the same home for trouble with Larkin.

“We were there prior in the day. (Officers) had a good conversation with the man. He was appreciative that we were there,” Whitmire said.

Things took a turn for the worse in the evening, he added.

Larkin was to appear before Magistrate James Burns on Wednesday afternoon. His case will proceed through Steuben Circuit Court.

This story has been corrected to give the correct street name.

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