ANGOLA — If, after a second reading, Steuben County Council members accept the proposed 2022 budget submitted by Carnegie Public Library Director Sonya Dintaman, it will then move to adopt, allowing the library to move forward with replacing its 32-year-old air-cooled chiller.

Last month, Dintaman told the Carnegie Public Library Board of Trustees that she would gather additional information from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance on how it should proceed with the 2022 budget preparation, specifically the allocation of nearly $130,000, the estimated cost to demolish and replace the 40 ton chiller as well as the purchase of two new refrigeration circuits connected to new air handlers, all of which will be placed in a brick-enclosed area.

Dintaman told the board Monday during its regular monthly meeting that DLGF Budget Field Representative George Helton, said, “It’s really six to one, half dozen of the other whether we do an additional appropriation or put it on next year’s budget.

“He said the only benefit would be in 2023,” Dintaman added. “The growth quotient would apply to all of our budget for next year, including the extra $150,000. I don’t think it will give us any extra money, but It would give us a little higher appropriation”

After the first reading of the library’s proposed 2022 budget, Steuben County Council members asked Dintaman if the library foresees any additional costly maintenance issues.

“Just about everything’s been replaced,” Dintaman siad. “The roof, the boilers. There isn’t anything left.”

The board also conducted its quarterly renewal of the library’s coronavirus policy, implemented at the beginning of 2020. No changes were made.

Dintaman said the policy has not been utilized until this week when a resigning staff member placed themselves in quarantine after a family member contracted COVID-19.

“(That employee) has resigned, Wednesday is (their) last day,” Dintaman said. “We haven’t had any staff test positive.”

The library’s construction is still in progress with carpet being replaced this week in the adult area and new furniture being delivered Wednesday.

The board scheduled a luncheon for library staff later this month.

Board Vice President, Gay Kirkton, said it is a “way for us to get to know the staff and the staff to get to know us better.”

The next board of trustees meeting for the Carnegie Public Library, located at 322 S. Wayne St., Angola, will be held at 4 p.m., Monday, Oct. 11 in the lower level conference room.

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