ANGOLA — A 19-year-old from Howe pleaded guilty to nine charges pending against him in Steuben County on Monday.

Austin T. Cundiff was sentenced to four years in prison by Steuben Circuit Court Judge Allen Wheat for Level 5 felony burglary. Two years were suspended with two years probation. It will be served consecutively to a sentence in LaGrange County.

Cundiff admitted to breaking into an Orland liquor store in September. Police were alerted to the break-in by an alarm and the incident was captured by a video camera, say court documents.

After Cundiff and alleged accomplice Logan Wirtz, 19, of Angola, were located in a paddle boat on Lake Pleasant, backpacks containing numerous cigarettes, money, a camouflage face mask, methamphetamine, marijuana and airgun accessories were taken into evidence. In a vehicle, cash register drawers, a cardboard case containing bottles of Fireball, rolled coins and cigarettes were recovered, say court documents. A safe allegedly stolen from the store and other items were located in a rural area.

In exchange for his plea of guilty to burglary, charges of theft, possession of methamphetamine and possession of marijuana were dismissed.

However, during his sentencing Monday, Cundiff pleaded guilty to all other cases pending against him in Steuben County, which totaled eight misdemeanors. He received 180 days each for two Class A misdemeanor convictions of theft, both filed in October. In another case, filed in January and containing six Class A misdemeanor counts of theft, Cundiff pleaded guilty to all counts and received an additional 180 days served.

Wirtz is scheduled for a pretrial conference in Circuit Court on Aug. 10.

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