FREMONT — The torch has been passed, so to speak, and starting Monday Powers Automotive, 104 S. Baum St., Fremont, will be Lonsbury Garage of Fremont as the Powers family has sold the business to Lonsbury Garage owner Stephan Cairl.

Powers Automotive founder and owner Dave Powers passed away in January and for awhile, his family has run the business. Cairl applauded the family and said they’ve done well and now, they’re ready to let it continue to grow under his leadership.

“When Dave first got sick, he approached me and asked me if I had any interest in taking over his business,” said Cairl. “The family wasn’t ready yet and they took a stab at it, doing well until now, but they’re ready now to get it growing.”

Cairl said he and Powers go “way back” as Powers was one of his mentors that helped guide him to his own success in business.

“He guided me a lot in those first few years of owning Lonsbury Garage,” Cairl said. “We talked a lot, exchanged ideas. He was my mentor for a few years.”

The two were also in some coaching and mentoring groups together for business owners.

Cairl announced the acquisition Tuesday on the Lonsbury Garage Facebook page.

“Dave had a large presence in the community that will be very hard to fill,” said the post. “The legacy he left behind at Powers Automotive will continue to be carried on with the change of ownership to Lonsbury Garage of Fremont. We are very excited to expand the Lonsbury name and look forward to serving you at two locations, Angola and Fremont.”

Its a transition he said he is honored and humbled to be able to make, and he is thankful for the Powers family affording him the opportunity. Expanding into Fremont has always been a dream and he is excited to make it a reality.

All of the current Powers Automotive staff are staying on, Cairl said, and he is also sending two technicians from the Angola Lonsbury Garage location to work in Fremont.

Cairl has owned Lonsbury Garage the last five years and said in that time there has been a lot of positive growth including more than doubling both the staff and the revenue of the garage. Lonsbury Garage also now offers rental vehicles for customers who need one while their vehicle is in the shop.

“I cannot wait to grow and service the Fremont community,” said Cairl.

Follow Lonsbury Garage on Facebook, @lonsburyGarage, visit on the web at or call 665-5165 for more information.

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