angola high school fire

Angola and Fremont fire trucks sit at the ready outside of Angola High School Wednesday morning after they were summoned to dispatch with a lint fire in a dryer at the school. Students were evacuated to the school gym while firefighters assessed the situation.

ANGOLA — Angola High School Principal Travis Heavin was thanking students, staff and parents for facing adversity well after an early morning fire cleared the school Wednesday.

Eventually students were sent home from school after material from a fire extinguisher used in fighting the lint trap fire contaminated food.

“Thank you AHS parents, for being so flexible and patient with our challenges today. AHS students and staff, you were amazing! Everyone was calm, supportive and extremely professional. We could not be more proud of you,” Heavin wrote in a message following the incident.

After the initial fire broke out, students and most staff sheltered in the school gymnasium as fire officials assessed damage from the lint fire that broke out in a dryer at the school.

“Today, the lint trap in one of our dryers caught on fire,” Heavin said in one of his early text and email messages sent out to parents.

“While trying to put out the fire, a fire extinguisher contaminated the food in the cafeteria,” Heavin said. Consequently, students were sent home.

The fire call came in after 8 a.m. Wednesday. On the scene were firefighters from Angola and Fremont fire departments.

“All our students are safe. The students did an excellent job evacuating the building,” Heavin said. “Again, all the students are safe and in the main gym of the building.”

Through an online text and email messaging system, Heavin kept in contact with parents signed up for the service.

In addition to firefighters, also on hand was at least one representative of the Steuben County Health Department, apparently due to the cafeteria contamination.

In an email with The Herald Republican, Heavin said everything should be back to normal on Thursday.

A reminder of that was the finals testing schedule he sent out.

Back to the grind, Angola High School students.

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