INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana State Police and the Indiana National Guard are making preparations for the possibility of protests and the potential for civil unrest at the Indiana Statehouse this weekend and next week, although no specific threats have been identified at this time.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter provided a general update Wednesday in response to questions about preparations for possible demonstrations ahead of next week’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been planning for the possibility of more demonstrations, protests and even potential violence in the nation’s capital following a pro-President Donald Trump rally on Jan. 6 that devolved into people breaking past security lines at the Capitol and breaching the building.

Officials monitoring chatter from extremist groups and other protestors have suggested that more protests or possible attacks could be planned for the days leading up to and on Inauguration Day, with statehouses in all 50 states potentially being locations of new demonstrations.

Carter said his agency has been making preparations for how it will respond if there are large protests or unrest in Indianapolis and that he’s been working with the Indiana National Guard.

Carter declined to discuss specifics of what has been prepared, but noted that at this time his agency hasn’t received any credible threats to the Indiana Statehouse.

“I’m not going to certainly expose a very complex series of planning that’s been done,” Carter said. “It will be all hands on deck. We have a very strong relationship with the Indiana National Guard. I think we’re well-positioned, but it’s certainly my hope what we do have positioned doesn’t have to be visible.”

Holcomb, who publicly condemned the Jan. 6 lawlessness and violence at the Capitol last week, said he supports the rights of Hoosiers to assemble and protest, but stressed that such gatherings should be conducted peacefully if they happen.

“We haven’t had some of the same election issues that have been called into question this past November in the State of Indiana, but having said that, we will have a presence that’s appropriate to the situation,” Holcomb said.

Holcomb did note that he has authorized 625 Indiana National Guardsmen to travel to Washington D.C. from Saturday through Jan. 22 to assist with security preparations around and on Inauguration Day.

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