Story Walk

Librarian Tracy Johnson stands to show off the beginning of the story walk put together by the Fremont Public Library.

FREMONT — The Fremont Public Library, 1004 W. Toledo St., has partnered with the surrounding public lands offices to bring story walks to life.

The first is already up at the Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy’s Koeneman Lake Preserve Trail.

As it is impossible to truly outgrow a storybook, according to youth librarian Tracy Johnson, the story walks will allow people to take a walk while stopping at intervals to check out the picture book.

“We have dismantled picture books, something that feels terribly wrong for a librarian, weather-proofed the pages and placed them in sequential order so that anyone can enjoy some fresh air and a great story,” said Johnson.

Each week a new story will be up in a new outdoor location for patrons to enjoy.

This week’s story, “This is Not My Hat” by Jon Klassen, is up now through Sunday. The preserve trail features a picnic area as well for trail-goers to enjoy.

Pages are numbered, so Johnson said people can just follow the numbers to follow the story.

Following that, the story walk will move to downtown Fremont. Local businesses have all enthusiastically agreed to participate and volunteered storefront windows, said a news release from the library. The story will go up Monday and be up through July 12.

“In addition to the first stops, ACRES Land Trust has also generously agreed to work with us at the Wing Haven Preserve as well as Fremont Community Schools volunteering the Vistula Trail,” Johnson said. “Keep an eye out on the FPL website for updates on future story walks.”

The library website is

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