ANGOLA — A new partnership between Cameron Memorial Community Hospital and the Mayo Clinic promises access to the latest standards of care, research, education and more for patients in the transitional care, or swing bed, program.

“With the Mayo partnership, we will have advanced education and training offered by the Mayo team,” said Cameron President and CEO Connie McCahill on Thursday. “We will have access to the latest standards of care, research Mayo has done and can adopt their model which will enhance and elevate the program we already offer here at Cameron.”

Cameron is the first hospital in Indiana to partner with Allevant Solutions, a joint venture between the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, and Select Medical, on the transitional care program and is the 56th hospital overall to partner.

Other partner hospitals are in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The program is designed to provide access to high quality post-acute services to rural America, the most persistently underserved region in modern health care.

The swing bed program offers daily nursing care and various types of therapy for patients that don’t want to be in an extended care facility but need a little extra care before being discharged home after recovering from illness or injury.

Most patients receiving this care at Cameron hospital will be covered by the Medicare Swing Bed reimbursement program, although other insurers may participate as well.

Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch joined the Cameron staff Thursday to make the announcement about the partnership.

“Your partnership announced today is no surprise to the governor and I,” Crouch said.

She couldn’t say enough positive about the atmosphere of Cameron as she took a tour of the facility with McCahill and several staff and board members.

“What is particularly impressive is the sense of family and community I feel as I walk through the hospital halls,” she said. “You don’t get that everywhere.”

Crouch said staff should be proud of the accomplishments they’ve made and the quality of life and differences they make in the lives of area Hoosiers.

McCahill said Dr. Mark Lindsay of the Mayo Clinic has visited Cameron twice recently and has said they are well prepared with equipment, staff and facility to be successful with the program.

“Without our current program, we would not be in a position to bring the Mayo program to Angola,” McCahill said. “Not only will it enhance quality care for our patients but it will bring new patients to the hospital, help us achieve our five-star goal and we feel it is another way to help us stay a top 100 critical access hospital.”

Cameron will have expert staff from Mayo as well as training and education on the most current standards of care for transitional care.

McCahill used an example of a patient having a hip fracture surgically repaired that is not quite ready to go home and care for themselves as a way to explain the program.

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