FREMONT — The Fremont Community Schools approved a resolution on Monday that opposes proposed legislation that would create education scholarship accounts and expand the Indiana School Choice program.

Both of the proposals, making their way through the Indiana House and Senate, are seen as efforts to further erode funding for public schools.

Education Scholarship Accounts would provide state funding to parents of special needs children with an Individualized Education Plan; children in foster care; and children of active duty military in the armed forces or national guard, said one published report.

The money, about $5,000-$7,000 per child, would be spent at the family’s discretion on private tuition, home school, tutoring, therapy and other services.

The school voucher program would expand the base income requirement in order to qualify, potentially allowing more families to take public education money and spend it on private education.

The Fremont resolution said, “education savings accounts give parents a portion of per-pupil state funding to spend like a taxpayer-funded debit card on education products and services, including private school tuition, unregulated home schools, and tutoring.”

Talking about the voucher program, the Fremont resolution said, “the expansion of the Indiana school choice scholarship program would direct additional resources to non-public schools that are not held accountable to taxpayers for the use of public funds.”

The resolution said the legislation would divert money from public education and teacher salaries as recommended in a report from the Governor’s Teacher Compensation Report that was published in December.

“(T)he board of school trustees for Fremont Community Schools opposes and condemns the establishment of education scholarship accounts and the expansion of the Indiana choice scholarship program as proposed by members of Indiana’s General Assembly in House Bill 1005 and Senate Bill 412,” The resolution concludes.

Meanwhile, the board also approved the calendar for the 2021-22 school year at Fremont.

The next school year will start on Aug. 11 for students with the final day of classes on May 20. The holiday break would be from Dec. 20-31 and spring break would be March 21-25. The calendar includes the 180 days mandated by Indiana law.

Graduation this year will be on May 30 at 2 p.m.

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