ANGOLA — An Angola man is facing a Level 4 felony charge of arson after allegedly setting fire to a car and camper at his residence in rural Angola on Monday.

Timothy Ralph Foulk, 60, allegedly set fire to a car and camper owned by the son of his significant other at the residence in the 1700 block of West C.R. 120N at about 3:10 p.m. Monday, say records filed in Steuben Superior Court.

Steuben County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the residence after neighbors noticed the fire and called authorities.

One of the neighbors told police she saw Foulk come walking out of the garage of the home carrying a red gas can then noticed the fire, court records said.

Another neighbor said he had taken Foulk to an Angola tavern then picked him up and returned him to his house.

Police said they believed Foulk was intoxicated when they interviewed him after the fire, court records said.

When police told Foulk about what the neighbor said, he refuted it, claiming he actually was carrying a purple bucket with water, trying to put out the fire. He also said there was a strange man on the property who could have lit the fire.

During the course of their investigation, Foulk changed his story a number of times, court records said.

Foulk’s significant other said often when Foulk became intoxicated he would threaten to burn her son’s belongings. The car and camper, valued at about $8,500 together, had been left behind while the son was away. The two had a difficult relationship, court records said the woman told police.

A no-contact order between Foulk and the woman’s son was put in place by Magistrate James Burns, who conducted Foulk’s initial hearing Tuesday afternoon.

Foulk is facing between two and 12 years in prison if four guilty of the Level 4 felony. Court records do not show an attorney of record yet for Foulk.

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