ANGOLA — Multiple allegations were made about conditions within Metropolitan School District of Steuben County at Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting.

A number of parents spoke out about sexual harassment and gun violence their children have experienced in the schools.

Ayreal Lanman, who previously had multiple children enrolled in MSD, said she had to transfer her middle school and high school daughters to a different school district due to unaddressed alleged sexual harassment and sexual assault incidents.

Another student had touched her middle school daughter’s breasts and bottom, and when her daughter had gone to an adult in the school for help, she had been told that such actions did not technically count as sexual harassment.

“I had brought these issues up to the school,” Lanman said. “I was told it would be taken care of, and the following day — the day I pulled my children out of that school — I called the principal. I let him know what happened. He said he would take care of it, and the following day, the same student came to my daughter and taunted her and laughed at her because he did not get in trouble.”

Lanman said she also learned that this kind of behavior is a culture among multiple students in the school, not only the one who allegedly harassed her daughter.

“The middle schoolers have certain days of the week where they participate in different activities,” Lanman said. “Monday is ‘Moaning Monday.’ Tuesday is ‘Titty Tap Tuesday.’ Wednesday is ‘Weiner Whack Wednesday.’ Thursday is ‘Thigh Slap Thursday.’ And Friday is — excuse my language — ‘Fat Ass Friday,’ where they go around and slap each other’s bottoms.”

Lanman’s son had been asked by other students to join in on the behavior and was threatened with gun violence when he declined.

Lanman said the school did nothing when she brought this incident to its attention as well.

Lanman claimed that her sophomore daughter also came under attack for her sexuality while at MSD.

“It wasn’t just my child. It was the LGBTQ community. It was the Black community. It was the Hispanic community,” Lanman said. “At one point in time, a gun violence threat was made towards those students if certain things happened during the election. I’m not at all trying to make things political — that’s just when it happened. That, if Trump lost, they would come to the school and they would shoot the LGBTQ children, the Hispanic and the Black children. This was brought up to the school, and nothing was done.”

Other parents and guardians also spoke out about physical threats their children have experienced within the district, including one incident that involved a gym teacher who implicated gun violence toward a student as a means of motivation.

“There are gun violence threats going on in the school. There’s also sexual harassment and sexual assault issues going on in the school,” Lanman said. “I just wanted to make sure that you all were aware of this, as I have made reports to the schools and received no assistance.”

School board members and MSD Superintendent Matt Widenhoefer did not to comment at the meeting. A request for comment to school officials was made on Wednesday.

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