ANGOLA — An Angola man is facing six felony charges of battery against children under the age of 14 — including striking one with a booster seat — in a case that dates to late 2016.

Brian Eugene Villano, 36, Angola, was arraigned before Magistrate James Burns on Friday afternoon after being arrested on an outstanding warrant on Thursday.

A probable cause affidavit filed on Dec. 8, 2016, in the case describes days in October 2016 in which a woman and her children were constantly being beaten and threatened by Villano.

The woman told police that Villano regularly beat her and her children, court records say.

In one instance, while traveling from Angola to Ashley, two children were in the back seat of a vehicle, arguing. Villano allegedly got into the back seat and started beating the kids, shoving one against the restraint of her child safety seat.

One of the children told police that Villano hit her with her child safety seat, court records said, and there were marks on the children to back their stories.

One of the boys said Villano regularly choked and hit him, court records said.

The mother of the children was not allowed to use her phone to call anyone, court records said, and Villano would threaten her with a lead pipe and hold a razor blade to her neck if she had any ideas about leaving.

A neighbor at an apartment complex where the family lived heard the noise and feared for the woman’s and children’s safety so she called police, court records said.

Police removed the children and woman from the apartment. They were interviewed by police and Department of Child Services personnel at the Angola Police Department.

Court records said the children asked if Villano was going to be put in jail so they would be safe.

Shortly after this incident, Villano was convicted on methamphetamine and theft charges and spent about 3 years incarcerated.

Prosecutor Jeremy Musser said it is possible that in the time since Villano has been released and his Thursday arrest, he was “flying under the radar.”

Villano is being held on Level 5 felony charge of battery to a person younger than 14 causing bodily injury and five counts of Level 6 felony battery to a person younger than 14. He also is facing a charge of Level 6 felony intimidation and two counts of Class A misdemeanor domestic battery.

Bail for Villano was set at $7,500. No contact orders have been placed against him for the children and their mother. His attorney is Greg Cranston.

Villano’s next court hearing is on Nov. 16 in Steuben Superior Court with a trial set for Jan. 27, 2022.

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