Amanda Kloots feels her book has given Nick Cordero peace Content Exchange

Amanda Kloots believes that her book has brought peace to her late husband Nick Cordero.

The 39-year-old star - whose spouse passed away aged 41 last July from COVID-19 complications - has documented their relationship in her new tome ‘Live Your Life’ and recalled how a message from Jennifer Love Hewitt struck a chord.

Amanda told Entertainment Tonight: “Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is a very spiritual person, said the most wonderful thing to me.

“She had a dream about Nick visiting her and taking her on a walk in Laurel Canyon. He said to her, ‘Have you read the book?’ And she said, ‘Yes, I just finished it. Oh my god.’

“And he said, ‘I sat by Amanda while she wrote it. I finally know my story. I have closure to my story.’”

‘The Talk’ co-host became emotional after hearing Jennifer’s dream and felt that it rang true as it sounded like something Nick would have said.

Amanda said: “I started crying because I never wrote this book with that in mind.

“That’s so [like] Nick to need closure. He wouldn’t have known his story because I never let my negative comments, conversations [into my visits with him].

“When doctor conversations happened in front of him in the hospital room, we would always go outside and I would come back in and I would give him my play-by-play on what was going to start happening, which was usually this uplifting, positive speech.

"So he never knew. He didn’t know the full story.”

Amanda hopes her friend's vision was a way of passing on a message from the Broadway star to make her feel better.

She said: "I'd like to think that dream was Nick trying to tell me, ‘Thank you for writing this book, because I now have closure to my story.’"

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