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“Fans have a lot to look forward to. True fans of Halloween, I think, are going to be so thrilled with this movie, and I feel like this movie was made for them by also big fans of these movies,” Andi Matichak (Allyson) promises of the latest movie in the Halloween franchise, Halloween Kills!, in theaters and streaming on Peacock on Friday, October 15.

Matichak’s Allyson is the granddaughter of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), and they, along with Laurie’s daughter Karen (Judy Greer), must once again fight Michael Myers in the next film.

“Jamie is an incredibly generous human being. She went out of her way to introduce herself to me and welcome me,” Matichak recalls in the video above for ReMIND Magazine‘s special collector’s issue, which examines the Halloween franchise’s legacy. “I’ve learned so much from her as an actor, as a storyteller, as an artist, as a woman, as a woman on a set. I’m just so proud to be a part of it and to be included in this legacy and involved in something that is this unique and special.”

Celebrate the 'Halloween' Franchise With ReMIND's Special October IssueSee Also

Celebrate the 'Halloween' Franchise With ReMIND's Special October Issue

The issue includes an interview with John Carpenter on the making of 'Halloween.'

Watch the video above for more.

Halloween Kills sees the three Strode women — with Laurie recovering from life-threatening injuries — joining a group of other survivors of Michael’s first rampage who decide to take matters into their own hands, forming a vigilante mob that sets out to hunt Michael down, once and for all.

Halloween Kills, Movie Premiere, Friday, October 15, Peacock and in theaters

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