Kate Winslet confirms 'conversations' about Mare of Easttown season two
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Kate Winslet has had "conversations" about a potential second season of ‘Mare of Easttown’.

The 46-year-old actress - who played detective Mare Sheehan and executive produced the HBO miniseries, which was written by Brad Inglesby - gave an insight into the future of the show, and admitted she doesn't have a "clear answer" about series two just yet.

She told OK! magazine: “I honestly don’t have a clear answer. I mean, there have been conversations about it, of course, because of the success of the show really did surprise us.”

The seven-episode series - which follows Mare, a small town Pennsylvania police detective investigating reports of multiple missing young women as she battles her own personal problems - was met with a positive response from both audiences and critics.

Although it was originally conceived as a one season programme, its immense success has prompted talks of another season.

Kate said: “But I think until scripts are in place that we can really respond to what and we know what the full story of a season 2 might be, it's hard to say what’’s going to happen.

“We wouldn’t be able to match what we already did and nor should we try, but we should do our best to at least provide something that is as captivating and entertaining as [the first] season was.”

The 'Titanic' star went on to praise her connection the cast, saying they made a “living and breathing community” which she thinks came across on screen.

She also labelled the show a “zeitgeist moment”, which is thought to come from the realistic portrayal of middle-aged women and their bodies, and when Kate was named best lead actress at the 2021 Emmy Awards, it meant so much to her because it suggested the world of TV and film is evolving.

She added: “With Mare, I feel we are shifting the dynamics of how leading ladies are seen on screen, and it warms my heart.”

In June, the Academy Award-winner revealed that the show’s director Craig Zobel offered to edit out a scene with her “bulgy bit of belly,” and that she refused.

She has now explained: “I think we’re sort of finger-pointing a lot less at women in terms of their shape and how they look. It’s up to us to be completely real and represent ourselves with integrity and authenticity. If we’re not doing that in our industry, then nobody else has got a hope in hell.”

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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