Robbie Williams shaves son's hair off Content Exchange

Robbie Williams has shaved his son's hair off.

The 'Angels' hitmaker styled his 'do into a Mohican last week in an attempt to conceal his balding patches and it seems the eye-catching new look has rubbed off on his six-year-old son Charlie, whom he has with his wife Ayda Field, as he asked him to give him the same haircut.

Taking to her Instagram account, Ayda, 42, uploaded a video of Robbie holding the shears and Charlie in front of him engrossed in a video.

She said: "So, what's happening daddy?"

Robbie replied: "Charlie wants a Mohawk"

Ayda said: "You mean like daddy? So you're doing a Mohican?"

As Robbie took the clippers to Charlie's head, Ayda exclaimed: "Charlie, don't move your head right now! Oh my gosh, it's getting really aggressive. You sure you want this Charlie? It's getting a little too late for that. Ah I can't look!"

She captioned the clip: "Charlie wants to look just like daddy #likefatherlikeson #barbershop #dadlife AWxx @robbiewilliams (sic)"

The 47-year-old singer previously revealed his own hairless look when he let his wife loose with the clippers last month.

Captioning the video at the time, she wrote: "@robbiewilliams Is all or nothing when it comes to his hair ... and apparently, it’s nothing now #nohairdontcare #instamood #thebaldandthebeautiful #who’snext? AWxx (sic)"

In the clip, the couple - who also have kids Teddy, eight, Coco, two, and 18-month-old Beau together - posed for a "before" picture before she got to work on his long locks, using the clippers to shave his head. She even blew a bit of his hair into his face as she admired her handy work.

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