Amanda Kloots marks first Father's Day since Nick Cordero's passing with sweet family photo Content Exchange

Amanda Kloots has paid a touching tribute to her husband Nick Cordero on the first Father's Day since his passing.

The 39-year-old television personality tragically lost her spouse last year due to COVID-19 complications, and she shared the final family picture of the late Broadaway star and their two-year-old son Elvis along with an emotional post on Sunday (20.06.21).

Alongside the sweet snap of her boys and another one of Amanda, Elvis and her father, she wrote on Instagram: "Happy Fathers Day to my late husband, Nick.

“This is the last photo I have of Nick and Elvis on my phone and one of my favorites. Nick always wanted to be a Dad and loved Elvis more than anything in the world.

“And to anyone that is missing their father today, maybe having a first Father’s Day without their dad, my heart is with you. Remember they are only 2” away."

On Mother's Day last month, 'The Talk' host planned a love-filled day with her little boy.

She shared at the time: "I want to focus on him because, if you stay too stagnant on holidays like this, that’s when you can start feeling sorry for yourself. It'll be a day filled with love, happiness and activity."

Meanwhile, Amanda previously revealed she still cries every day after Nick's passing.

She said: "A lot of people have said to me, 'It gets easier and time helps', and I don't know if I found that yet. I still pretty much cry every day. It's growing pains ... I think it gets easier because you learn tools to help yourself. And in the beginning, you don't know those tools yet.

"With Elvis, like there's so many things that he does or there's times in life that you just wish your person was there to celebrate with. I think that that's where it's harder because you miss your person so much."

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