Jamie Lee Curtis is 'safe' with husband Christopher Guest
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Jamie Lee Curtis feels "safe" with her husband Christopher Guest.

The 'Halloween' actress - who has been married to the screenwriter since 1984 - has admitted her partner keeps her feet on the ground.

Jamie told AARP The Magazine: "I feel safe when I drive up and see that [he is] home. That's the long marriage."

She added: "It's the safety of knowing his car is in the garage, that I'm not alone."

Jamie posted a touching tribute to Christopher on Instagram when the couple marked their 36th wedding anniversary in December last year as she reflected on how they have stuck by each other "through triumph and tragedy".

The 62-year-old star – who shares daughter Annie, 34, and son Thomas, 25, with Christopher - captioned an old photograph of the pair: "One of the longest relationships I’ve had seeking comfort and contact and connection is with Chris.

"Today marks the 36th anniversary of our wedding. My hand in his. Then and now.

"Connected through our children and family and friends it became the links in our human emotional chain that have seen each of us through triumph and tragedy."

And despite starring in one of the most iconic horror film franchises of all time, Jamie previously revealed that she made her husband promise her that she wouldn't throw any surprise parties when they exchanged their wedding vows.

She explained: "I've always been this way. In our wedding vows, my husband and I promised we wouldn't give each other surprise parties - a surprise party would send me to hospital!"

The 'Knives Out' star admits that she is "very easily" scared by many things.

Jamie said: "I scare very easily. I know that might seem a stupid thing to say, because in many ways I've made my living from being scared. But in real life, I don't like to be frightened. I find nothing charming about it and I'd hate to watch a horror movie."

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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