KENDALLVILLE — East Noble School Corp. posted a letter on the home page of its website Friday in response to the death of a student earlier this week.

Along with the letter, the school district displayed a photograph showing hundreds of high school students gathering on the school’s gymnasium floor, forming the shape of a heart in a tribute to Chase Allen Brown, 16, a sophomore who died Tuesday. He was the son of Lance and Debra Brown of Kendallville.

The school’s principals addressed the letter to East Noble parents. The complete text:

I’m sure you’ve heard by now the unfortunate news that East Noble High has lost one of their students. The young man passed away Tuesday evening, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time. As a school we have provided extra counseling support to our kids and will continue to be there as needed.

In today’s world of instant media availability several people have taken the opportunity to vent, question and challenge the circumstances surrounding this incident. Through grief and frustration many people seek blame as they search to make sense of it all. As such, the emotions and accusations are sensitive. We must all recognize the pain we feel for our loss. Parents have lost a son, a sister has lost her brother, friends have lost a buddy, and teachers have lost a student. The pain that we all feel is a normal reaction. As much as we need to, we may never be able to fully understand the circumstances.

Rumors and derogatory comments on Facebook and various other social media outlets will only continue to wound our family. Grieving family and friends deserve their privacy, and we as a community owe our respect.

School will continue to support our young people through this tragedy. We will constantly look for ways to reach out to kids to help them grow in a nurturing and safe environment. We have four guidance counselors, three principals, a resource office and nearly 100 teachers and adult staff who are dedicated to helping young people. Our doors will continue to be open and we will keep our school a safe place. Please feel free to contact us.

Administrators who signed the letter are Principal Steve Peterson, Associate Principal Vince Beasley and Assistant Principal Matt Stinson.

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