KENDALLVILLE — Graduating seniors received scholarships and awards from nearly 80 local and area organizations, foundations, sororities, clubs, churches and family memorials during Wednesday’s 50th annual East Noble High School senior honors program in Cole Auditorium.

“These seniors represent years of hard work and years of perseverance, and will make us all very proud,” said East Noble High School Principal Steve Peterson before announcing the honors. “We thank all of you in the community for your support.”

For the first time, the academic top 10 seniors from the Class of 2016 were called to the stage for applause and cheers from the audience. The group of students had a total of 159 advance credits, or nearly 16 advance credits each.

For more than 45 years, the Olive B. Cole Foundation has awarded scholarships to deserving seniors. Twenty-two graduating seniors were presented with Cole Foundation scholarships.

Sixty-seven graduating seniors crossed the Munk Stage to receive medals for earning a 3.5 grade-point average or above.

Thirty-three graduating seniors accepted awards for earning a 3.2-3.49 GPA.

A list of the scholarships and awards follows:

East Noble High School Class of 2016 Top 10 — Ali Alamri, Claire Brown, Devin Gingerich, Nathan Housholder, Zachery Jenkins, Daniel Kane, Katherine Kline, Phillip Phan, Samantha Sturgis and Joseph Vandiver.

Sheri Berhalter Memorial Scholarship — Emily Napier.

Josephine Kimmell Art Award — Cameron Diehm.

East Noble Education Association Scholarships — Emily Napier and Alyssa Yoquelet.

Noble County Extension Homemakers Scholarship — Brian Tew and Kirsten Wolf.

Noble County Master Gardeners Scholarship — Brant Hile and Ethan Maag.

Kendallville Lions Club Scholarship — Lynsee Devers and Taylor Moga.

Five County Food Service Association-Floyd Deetz Food Service Scholarship — Macy Burtch.

Harold B. Hanes Jr. Scholarship — Zachery Jenkins.

Wayne Center Elementary Parent Advisory Scholarship — Ashley Nichols.

Richard Bentz Leadership Scholarship — Claire Brown.

North Side Elementary PTO Scholarship — Devin Gingerich.

ICE Scholarship/Walmart Distribution Center — Macy Burtch and Ashley Nichols.

South Side Elementary School PTO Scholarship — Daniel Kane.

Knights of Pythias of Indiana Scholarship — Ashley Nichols.

Niccum Educational Trust Foundation Scholarship — Madalyn Hotchkiss and Ashlyn Prumm.

East Noble SADD Scholarship — Fabian Lopez.

Professional & Business Women’s Association of Kendallville — Ashley Nichols, Samantha Sturgis and Alyssa Yoquelet.

Avilla School PTO Scholarship — Brooke Wilber and Alyssa Yoquelet.

LaOtto Elementary PTO Scholarship — Makayla Riecke.

Delta Kappa Gamma Grant-in-Aid Scholarship — Katrina Kistler.

Steel Dynamics Scholarship Program — Taylor Moga.

Beta Associate Chapter of Tri Kappa Scholarship — Chandler Jones.

Beta Associate Chapter of Tri Kappa English Award — Kelli Brennan.

Beta Associate Chapter of Tri Kappa Vocal Music Award — Sophia Shultz.

Chester A. and Bessie C. Throp Scholarships — Joseph Vandiver.

Bargain Shoppe of the First Christian Church Scholarship — Brian Tew and Kirsten Wolf.

Parker Hannifin Corp. Scholarship — Madalyn Hotchkiss.

Youth for Christ Scholarship — Brian Tew.

Rome City/Brimfield Lions Club Scholarship — Nickolas Babyak, Macy Burtch, Alexandra Rider, Samantha Sturgis and Regan Wilson.

Joe Emerson Memorial Scholarship — Joseph Vandiver.

Rome City Elementary School Scholarship — Emily Napier.

A.J., Clarice and Peter James Rogers Memorial Scholarship — Samantha Sturgis.

East Noble High School Class of 1975 Scholarship — Ashley Nichols, Brian Tew and Alyssa Yoquelet.

Delta Theta Tau Sorority Thespian Female Award — Lydia Tremaine.

Kiwanis-Mel Wirick Memorial Scholarship — Katherine Kline.

Xi Delta Epsilon Chapter-Beta Sigma Phi Sorority — Mikayla Harper.

Northeast Indiana Chapter-Indiana University Alumni Association in Honor of John Atz — Claire Brown.

Arthur Franklin Mapes Memorial Literary Scholarship — Lindsey Murphy.

Alpha Associate Chapter of Tri Kappa Scholarship — Devin Gingerich.

Kenny Lindley II Memorial Scholarship — Macy Burtch.

Pork Producers of Noble County Scholarship — Maddison Bryan, Makayla Riecke and Kirsten Wolf.

Kendallville Elks #1194 Scholarships — Nathan Housholder and Haley Schroeder.

Bollhoff Inc.- Engineering Scholarship — Devin Gingerich.

Kendallville Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship — Kelli Brennan, Nathan Housholder and Phillip Phan.

Charles E. (Bill) and Margaret Leamon Memorial Bowling Scholarship — Alexandria Smith.

Burger King McLamore Foundation Scholarship — Maddison Bryan.

Noble REMC Scholarships — Cameron Diehm and Alyssa Yoquelet.

Northeast Indiana Chapter 182 of Pheasants Forever — Maddison Bryan.

Class of 1970 Scholarship — Haley Schroeder.

DeKalb Health Foundation Charity Golf Classic Scholarship — Kelli Brennan.

Sally Peterson Music Scholarship — Taylor Moga.

Gamma Xi Chapter Tri Kappa Four-Year Academic Scholarship — Katherine Kline.

Gamma Xi Chapter Tri Kappa Merit Scholarship — Claire Brown, Maddison Bryan, Nathan Housholder, Ashley Nichols and Brian Tew.

Helen R. Conklin Memorial Scholarship — Emily Napier.

Katherine Lawson Memorial Art Award — Cheyenne Baker.

Gamma Xi Chapter of Tri Kappa Thespian Male Award — Lucas Graden.

Christine Eder and Virgie Neizer Memorial Scholarship — Nathan Housholder, Daniel Kane and Alyssa Yoquelet.

Sandy Desper Memorial Scholarship — Nathan Housholder and Emily Napier.

Arthur A. and Hazel S. Auer Scholarship — Haley Schroeder and Brian Tew.

Peter R. Bottomley Scholarship — Daniel Kane.

Delta Theta Tau Sorority Iota Iota Chapter Scholarship in memory of Tammi Riecke — Maddison Bryan.

Benjamin B. and Kathleen June Earley Memorial Scholarship — Ashley Nichols.

Oliver and Eleanor Ellenbecker Bachelor’s Program Scholarship — Alyssa Gulick.

Oliver and Eleanor Ellenbecker Education Scholarship — Alyssa Yoquelet.

Oliver and Eleanor Ellenbecker Medical Profession Scholarship — Lynsee Devers.

Fordeck Kemerly Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Scholarship — Tanner Fought.

Dr. Richard R. (MD) and Theresa M. Gutstein Memorial Scholarship — Kira Hochstetler.

Lolita J. Hornett Memorial Nursing Scholarship — Regan Wilson.

Johah W. Slater Memorial Scholarship — Lynsee Devers.

East Noble Class of 1969 — Ethan Maag.

Noble County Memorial Scholarship in Memory of Kenneth Forker, Chester Dekko, Howard Heckner, John Hogan, Dorothy Mossman, Dave Knopp, Loretta and Christine Noe, Sandra Shepherd and Sylvan Springs — Claire Brown, Lynsee Devers and Phillip Phan.

Noble County Retired Teachers’ Association Scholarship — Daniel Kane.

Talia Joy Smith Performing Arts Scholarship — Daniel Kane.

P.U.L.S.E. Senior Scholarship and Plaque Presentations — Claire Brown and Madison Kline.

Hilda H. Rehwinkel Scholarship — Lynsee Devers.

Cecil C. and Bettie I. Smith Scholarship — Emily Napier and Ashley Nichols.

Benjamin H. Murray Scholarship — Tanner Fought and Ethan Maag.

Max Sneary, M.D., Memorial Scholarship — Lynsee Devers.

Captain James M. Treesh Scholarship — Corey Wagner.

Clarence and Marie Woolf Scholarship — Claire Brown.

Trent Zuehsow Memorial Scholarship — Lynsee Devers.

Noble County Community Foundation Top Honors — Claire Brown, Lynsee Devers, Daniel Kane, Phillip Phan and Alyssa Yoquelet.

Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship — Lucas Graden.

Olive B. Cole Foundation Scholarships — Kelli Brennan, Claire Brown, Maddison Bryan, Lynsee Devers, Madalyn Hotchkiss, Nathan Housholder, Daniel Kane, Katrina Kistler, Kathrine Kline, Matthew Kline, Madison Krause, Jami Manier, Ashley Nichols, Meghan Nowels, Phillip Phan, Ashlyn Prumm, Sophia Shultz, Brian Tew, Jake Torrie, Brooke Wilber, Kirsten Wolf and Alyssa Yoquelet.

Richard Stonebraker Memorial Scholarships presented by the Kendallville Rotary Club — Maddison Bryan, Brian Tew and Brooke Wilber.

Rome City Sons of American Legion Scholarship — Regan Wilson.

American Red Cross Scholarship — Meghan Nowels.

Kendallville Youth Baseball Scholarship — Devin Gingerich and Brant Hile.

Kiwanis Athletic Mental Attitude Awards — Katherine Kline and Nathan Housholder.

Outstanding Senior Female Athlete — Paige DeCamp.

Outstanding Senior Male Athlete (Pop Guymon Award) — Joseph Vandiver

East Noble Honor Students (3.2 to 3.49 GPA) — Mohsin Ahmed, Aaron Beard, Kasey Bontrager, Allison Briggs, Kaleb Cook, Jacie Coplin, Paige DeCamp, David DePew, Kenia Diaz, Tanner Fought, Birdena Graber, Alyssa Gulick, Jacob Gustin, Ashley Karn, Chloee Kline, Taylor Koegler, Owen Latta, Fabian Lopez, Taylor Moga, Kyle Peters, Lillie Ritchie, Erica Sanford, Brandi Schermerhorn, Alexandria Smith, Ariel Smith, Alexis Spencer, Jake Stanley, Kierstynn Strange, Levi Tapia, Chayse Tarin, Lydia Tremaine, Logan Waters and Christopher Weber.

East Noble High Honor Students (3.5 GPA or above) — Ali Alamri, Cheyenne Baker, Caitlin Blair, Jenna Boese, Kelli Brennan, Claire Brown, Joshua Brown, Breanna Brown, Maddison Bryan, Macy Burtch, Taryn Campbell, Benjamin Croy, Ren Crump, William Demchak, Lynsee Devers, Cameron Diehm, Bethany Dyke, Nathan Evers, Madison Franks, Kyanna French, Matthew Gammon, Devin Gingerich, Lucas Graden, Mikayla Harper, Brant Hile, Ivy Hoag, Dalton, Honeycutt, Madalyn Hotchkiss, Nathan Housholder, Jami Jaquay, Zackery Jenkins, Chandler Jones, Tara Kabat, Daniel Kane, Katrina Kistler, Kathrine Kline, Matthew Kline, Chase Klinker, Madison Krause, Alyssa LaRowe, Mikalynn Lowry, Alexis Ludwig, Jami Manier, Kari Mynhier, Emily Napier, Ashley Nichols, Meghan Nowels, Jess Patterson, Phillip Phan, Arnold Plata, Ashlyn Prumm, Alexandra Rider, James Ritchie, Haley Schroeder, Sophia Shultz, Samantha Sturgis, Alaynia Sutton, Brian Tew, Jake Torrie, Joseph Vandiver, Nolan Wible, Brooke Wilber, Tyra Williams, Kolin Williams, Regan Wilson, Kirsten Wolf and Alyssa Yoquelet.

Academic Wall of Fame Inductees Class of 2015 — Ashley Haefer, salutatorian; and Caleb Henry, valedictorian.

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