INDIANAPOLIS — KPC Media Group won five of the six online photo story awards in Divisions 3 and 4 at the Hoosier State Press Association awards luncheon Saturday.

In addition, The Herald Republican received third place in Division 3 for general excellence. That award is based on total number of points awarded in the contest’s 30 categories.

The Herald Republican, serving Steuben County, and The Star, serving DeKalb County, competed in Division 3, for newspapers with less than 8,000 circulation. The News Sun, serving Noble and LaGrange counties, competed in Division 4, for newspapers with a circulation of 8,000 to 18,000.

KPC’s weeklies, The Butler Bulletin and The Garrett Clipper, won awards in Division 1, the category for weeklies with a circulation of 3,000 or less, increasing KPC’s total to 21 awards.

Receiving first place in Division 4 was the video “Soldier Santa Surprises Mom,” which has been viewed more than 400,000 times on YouTube. Receiving second place in Division 4 was the video about young pilot Samantha Williams.

“That video (Samantha Williams) was by far the most collaborative effort that we have ever had,” said online editor James Tew who oversees KPC’s video production. “Chad Kline shoots cinema-quality video. And Brian Glick was able to use his GoPro camera to get video from the cockpit of the plane. It was an excellent effort by all staff members involved.”

KPC’sprint and video feature called “Neighbors” which appears every Monday received several awards. “It is gratifying to see the great work of all the staff involved with ‘Neighbors’ recognized in this way,” Tew said.

KPC’s awards:

• Best news under deadline pressure — Sue Carpenter, second place, Division 1.

• Best news coverage with no deadline pressure — Jeff Jones, second place, Division 1; Matt Getts, Division 4.

• Best general commentary — Matt Getts, second, Division 3; Grace Housholder, second, Division 4.

• Best profile feature — Amy Oberlin, second, Division 3.

• Best sports news or feature — Jeff Jones, third, Division 1.

• Best online photo/video story — James Tew, first; Brian Glick and James Tew, second; Mike Marturello and James Tew, third — all in Division 3; James Tew, first; James Tew, Chad Kline, Brian Glick and Bob Braley, second — both in Division 4.

• Best editorial page — Grace Housholder, Mike Marturello and Carol Ernsberger, first, Division 3; Grace Housholder, Dennis Nartker and Carol Ernsberger, third, Division 4.

• Best use of graphics — Erin Doucette and Tracey Robideau, first, Division 3.

• Best website — James Tew, third, Division 4.

• Best feature section — Mike Marturello and Erin Doucette, second, Division 3.

• Distinguished community service — Amy Oberlin, second, Division 3.

• Best newspaper design — Mike Marturello and Mark Murdock, second, Division 3; The News Sun staff, second, Division 4.

“It is very gratifying to see the hard work of KPC employees recognized in this way,” said Terry Housholder, KPC president and publisher. “It is a team effort, and much of it is behind the scenes.”

For links to KPC’s award-winning videos go to

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