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Tire Star owner Austin Miller sits at the front desk of the company’s new location in Kendallville on U.S. 6. Miller expanded from his shop in Wolcottville to a second location in April.

KENDALLVILLE — With the shop in Wolcottville getting busier and busier and several customers driving up from Kendallville, Tire Star owner Austin Miller figured why not bring his business to the people?

For a little more than two months now, Tire Star has been running out of its new location on U.S. 6 in the former L.E. Dietrich building at 1587 W. North St.

Miller, who grew up in Ligonier but is now from Wolcottville, said he made the decision to expand to the city because he was already getting business from people in the city and because, in Noble County, Kendallville is the largest community. That, and being right on U.S. 6, the main east-west corridor in Noble County, couldn’t hurt either.

“The building, it was set up for automoative, fit our needs really really well, it was available. Kendallville we feel is a good market to be in. It’s a growing market and we’re pulling a lot of people to our Wolcottville store from Kendallville and the surrounding areas who were having to drive a distance and this gives them a store closer to them,” Miller said. “We have a little more at the Wolcottville store than what we could handle, so this takes a little pressure off that store as well.”

Tire Star offers tires, of course, with Mastercraft, Bridgestone and Firestone brands being the three major types they sell. But the shop is also a full auto service shop working on any makes and models, but with dealer-level tools available for the “big three” American automakers Chrylser, GM and Ford vehicles.

Since moving into Kendallville on April 11, Tire Star has done some interior remodeling on the office space and Miller said he wants to do some exterior work on the building this summer.

The local customers have already been taking advantage of the location closer to home, but Miller said the shop is meeting new people too.

“We’ve got a lot of new customers we haven’t seen before, so we’re staying really busy,” he said.

Getting into Kendallville has been a good experience so far and Miller hopes to continue to grow the business.

“We’re fairly new here, just starting out but so far we’ve had very good support from the town,” he said. “We’re ust working our way into knowing everyone, but we’ve already made some good relations with local businesses.”

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