ROME CITY — After months of research, the Rome City Town Council on Monday banned the sale of CBD products within the town limits.

That's despite the substance — which is made from the marijuana plant and usually found in oils or creams and sold as a health product — is legal in Indiana.

The board came to agreement that the unknowns of the products outweigh the benefits.

The ordinance states, “the health hazards have been identified as concern CBD oil products, and in particular said products being utilized by minors and/or as part of vaping routines.”

Town Attorney Bill Eberhard said he didn’t find any other town with a similar ordinance in his research.

“There is no current legal basis for CBD oil,” he said.

In March 2018, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a measure legalizing low-THC cannabidiol oil in Indiana — CBD oil products that contain less than 0.3% THC, the psychoactive substance found in marijuana. The products must meet certain labeling requirements and have QR codes that link to the ingredients. However it is illegal to have THC and metabolites in a person’s system.

Due to the extremely low limit of THC present in the products, the common scientific consensus is that people can't obtain a chemical high from CBD products.

Since the governor's OK, CBD products have sprung up around the state, being offered in numerous locations including gas stations, health stores and standalone shops.

Kendallville has one CBD-focused business in its downtown. The Pure Dream on Main Street opened in March 2018 and remains in business today.

The Rome City ordinance goes into effect immediately. The Rome City Police Department will be working with businesses within the community to make sure they are aware of the ordinance.

The first offense will carry a fine of $100, and subsequent offenses will be fined $500, as well as all costs of collection and attorney fees.

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