ROME CITY — Although it’s been in business for a few years, Rome City is now granting a 10-year tax break to the owners of Sylvan Farms on Northport Road.

At Monday’s town council meeting, board members Cheryl Clifton and Gary Furlow OK’d the tax break, which had been sought before but had never been implemented due to issues at the Noble County Assessor’s Office.

But the new assessor — Ben Castle, who previously served as Rome City Town Council president — worked out those issues clearing the way for the town to get the tax abatement on the books.

By getting the abatement approved Monday, the tax break will be in effect this year, reducing the taxes paid in 2020 and beyond.

Sylvan Cellars, with its tasting room and gathering spaces, has become a popular location for both personal events but also nonprofit functions and local meetings.

“You do a very good job,” council member Cheryl Clifton said of the business, with agreement from Furlow.

Attorney Bill Eberhard said the abatement would cancel any and all previous tax breaks and start the new 10-year abatement now. The council members approved the break 2-0.

In other business, the Rome City Town Council:

• Voted to dismiss a lawsuit with the Eastgate sewer system.

• Were informed the town is collecting donations for the annual fireworks display on Sylvan Lake. This year is expected to be the last year the fireworks display is being run by Randy Pippenger, who has put on the show for years and the town is wanting to help him have one big finale show.

• Reviewed quotes for a wood chipper to use at the town recycling center, but ultimately decided that even a smaller, used chipper was too expensive. The town is trying to figure out what to do about dumping at the site, as well as what to do with the amount of brush being dropped off.

• Discussed options for how to slow down people traveling at high-speeds through a newly paved alley along Miller’s grocery store. Clifton said she’s seen people traveling at high speeds in the short alley between S.R. 9 and Weston St.

• Were informed by the Rome City Town Marshal’s office that five people are signed up for the town’s first firearm safety course scheduled for Saturday. The department can accept more people for the course, which discusses gun anatomy, safety and gun laws and also has live-fire practice at the town shooting range. Sign up forms are available on the town website.

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