SHIPSHEWANA — Bill Konyha, President and CEO of the Regional Chamber of Northeast Indiana, a Fort Wayne based advocacy organization supporting business and business owners in an 11-county northern Indiana, region, will be the guest speaker at this year’s LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce Member Showcase.

The 9th annual event kicks off Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. at the Blue Gate Performing Arts Center in Shipshewana. Dozens of local businesses will set up booths around the room to showcase their products and services.

The showcase was created to give the people and businesses that make up the LaGrange County’s business community a chance to network among themselves and learn more about what services and products LaGrange County has to offer.

“I think my message is going to be how the regional chamber supports local business and local chambers of commerce,” Konyha said. “I talk about how we work together locally and regionally for the betterment of all.”

Konyha said one of the most important resources his organization provides businesses like those in LaGrange County is advocacy in Indianapolis for the region.

We do support a lot of the state chamber’s initiatives, the state manufacturer’s initiatives, and a lot of initiatives from the state economic development organizations. But we also focus on issues that are specific to our region, and specific to our counties. Most local chambers don’t have the resources to be successful watching the state legislature. We provide that service to our members.”

Konyha’s organization sends out weekly “Bill Watch” reports to its members, to keep those people and organizations aware of what’s going on in state government and how the decisions made their might affect people, businesses, and business organizations within the northeast region.

Every Friday all year long, we submit a report to all our members, including the chambers and the private sector businesses who are members,” he said. “Everything we do is member-driven, and our members determine what our legislative agenda is going to be.”

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