LIGONIER — The Ligonier Fire Department will soon be able to help people in more confined areas since the Board of Works approved the purchase of a Bobcat utility vehicle and a medical skid unit.

Fire Chief Jeremy Weaver brought quotes for two pieces of new equipment for the department. The expense of the equipment was incorporated into the city’s long-term capital plan.

“The medical skid unit will allow us to haul patients,” Weaver said.

He received quotes from three businesses for each item. Truelove Brothers, Inc. was the company that gave the fire department the best price at $14,439.87 for the UTV. Weaver recommended purchasing the UTV from them because they are a local dealer and quoted the lowest price. He also said that the fire department has used this kind of equipment in the past to help people at the Ligonier Marshmallow Festival.

For the medical skid unit, three quotes were received, but the lowest quote was from Mtech Inc. for $2,445 including shipping. He recommended the purchase from this company.

The board approved the purchases.

Public Safety Director and Police Chief Bryan Shearer said these purchases will help the city in the future.

“We originally had two in the plan to order,” Shearer said. “As the trails progress, we are going to have to have ways of public safety to get to folks if they are on the trail that we don’t have now.”

He continued to say that the police department opted to wait to purchase one because they can enter the trails from adjacent properties.

“But for the fire department, it’s a little different for them if they have someone go down on the trail,” Shearer said. “They are going to have to have something that gets them out.”

If there is a case where the police department would need it, Shearer said that they could just borrow it from the fire department.

Ligonier Mayor Patty Fisel was on the same page as her department heads.

“I think it’s important,” Fisel said. “I like the idea of having one because as the trails progress, it’s a good idea to be able to get to people if needed.”

The board also had to decide whether to give two credits to residents for their sewer bills. One was for 911 Gerber St., a credit of $5,106.65, and the other was for 405 W. Second St., $44.57.

The building on Gerber Street had an unknown leak in a part of the building that is not frequently used. Its water was shut off since the leak was recognized. The other was a water heater leak. According to Deputy Clerk Robin Galloway, the water was not sent to the Wastewater Treatment Plant for processing, the water was in the building or the ground outside.

It was decided that the credits should be given to those residents. The Gerber Street building must pay the water bill of nearly $4,000 before the water will be turned back on.

The board also decided that due to a scheduling conflict for the May 8 meeting, the time will be changed to 1 p.m. that day. There will not be a meeting at the regular time of 10 a.m.

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