Thanksgiving prices

Prices for Indiana Farm Bureau’s annual Thanksgiving market basket increased about 12% compared to 2019, mainly driven by increases in turkey prices compared to last year.

INDIANAPOLIS — Hoosiers can expect to pay a little more to get the items they need for Thanksgiving dinner this year compared to last year, but similar prices to what they paid in 2018, the Indiana Farm Bureau said in its annual Thanksgiving price index survey.

The average meal price Hoosiers can expect to pay for a market basket of Thanksgiving food items will run about $47.88, a 12% increase from last year's basket price of $42.66.

However, this year's price is similar to the 2018 basket, when the goods totaled $47.42.

Although the Indiana Farm Bureau compares the same items year to year, the organization recognizes that many families may be saving this year because they may be less likely to travel or have large family gatherings due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“There’s no doubt that for many Hoosiers, Thanksgiving will look a little different this year,” said Isabella Chism, INFB 2nd vice president and chair of the Women’s Leadership Committee. “Many families won’t be able to gather together for a large celebration, but we all need something to look forward to this year and there are few things as comforting as a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving!”

The total market basket price of $47.81 includes a 16-pound turkey, ingredients for stuffing and a pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, rolls, peas, a carrot and celery veggie tray, whole milk, cranberries, whipping cream and miscellaneous baking items such as eggs, sugar and butter. However, according to the National Turkey Federation, there is an increased interest in smaller turkeys this year, or even turkey breast, due to an increase in smaller gatherings.

The main impact on this year's market basket is from the turkey, which had a price increase of 31% compared to last year, running $21.44 for a 16-pound bird compared to $16.32 last year.

This year's turkey prices are comparable to the 2018 figure — $21.47 — so the 2019 meat price represented a large drop in poultry prices.

Prices for stuffing, pumpkin pie mix and bread rolls all increased by more than 10% compared to last year, while the dairy aisle items of milk and whipping cream were also up a small percentage.

Items that have dropped in price this year come from the produce aisle with carrots and celery, sweet potatoes and cranberries all seeing 10% or large price decreases. Pie crust also dropped a bit compared to last year.

Although not in the normal price basket, Farm Bureau also notes that ham prices are up this year compared to 2019, so people who are opted for pig over poultry will pay $10.60 for a 4-pound ham, compared to $9.70 in 2019.

Indiana’s survey is completed in conjunction with a national survey administered by the American Farm Bureau Federation. AFBF found that the national per person average for this year’s Thanksgiving meal is $4.70 which is only 10 cents less than Indiana’s average per person meal price this year. Nationally, a total of 230 volunteer shoppers in all 50 states participated this year.

The INFB Thanksgiving market basket survey was conducted by volunteer shoppers across the state who collected prices on specific food items from one of their local grocery stores. Volunteer shoppers are asked to look for the best possible prices, without taking advantage of special promotional coupons or purchase deals.

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