LAGRANGE — Ark Animal Rescue and Adoption is literally bursting at the seams.

The LaGrange County-based animal rescue agency has taken in more than 40 new dogs in the last couple of days, and nearly 98 animals for the month. Those kind of numbers are overwhelming the shelter’s staff, space and resources.

“Yesterday alone, we brought in 18 animals,” Cindy Miller said Tuesday morning. Miller is the director of Ark Animal Rescue and Adoption.

Miller said on average, it costs the shelter about $13.50 a day to shelter an animal. With numbers so high, the shelter is rapidly running out of supplies.

“Right now, we’re out of dog treats, dog cookies,” she explained. “We normally like to leave them a cookie on their kennel beds after we clean the kennels. We usually give them nighttime cookies, too. Right now, our resources are simply running out because we have so many animals.”

Currently, Ark is caring for 51 dogs in a facility designed to house 28. That number includes a litter of nine husky mix puppies just about ready to find new homes.

Recently, Ark took in 18 Chihuahuas from a home. About half those dogs have been re-homed.

It’s not just dogs, either. Ark’s cat facility is overburdened, with more than 60 cats.

“We’re bringing in cats every day, and kittens galore, and now with all these dogs coming in, it’s overwhelming,” Miller said.

Monday night, Ark put out a plea on its Facebook page, asking people to consider adopting a pet, or at the least, make a donation to the shelter to help it offset all the extra costs that have come with this type of population boom. Miller said the costs of microchipping, vaccinating, providing necessary medical treatments, spaying and neutering and feeding this many animals taxes the shelter.

June, traditionally, is the busiest month of the year for most animal shelters in the U.S., and Miller said this June has been no exception. Ark is setting new records Miller hates to reach.

She added that anything people can do to help is appreciated.

“We can definitely use donations right now, whether that is money or food,” she said. “Anything anyone can do, paper towels and bleach, we need. If you already have all the animals you can help, please share our Facebook posts. Share, share, share, so people know what’s going on.”

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