Window clings

Two new window clings featuring short bios of Kendallville residents of historic note were put up Thursday in the windows at BettyLou Designs and Graphics at 119 S. Main St. The two clings were part of nine new clings that went up in a second round of hangings.

KENDALLVILLE — More of Kendallville’s history is on display now after a second round of window clings featuring residents of note from the city’s historic were hung Thursday morning.

It’s a second round of window clings, taking the city to 22 total.

The historic window cling program is part of a humanities project required as part of the city’s $2 million PreservINg Main Street grant. As part of that larger project, Indiana Humanities provided a $10,000 grant that allowed Kendallville to establish a historic trail in downtown, recognizing important buildings and people from the city’s past.

Aside from six historic markers on landmarks in downtown, in June the city had 13 black and white window clings put up in storefronts.

Those window clings will include a photo of the individual, birth and death dates, information on their accomplishments and/or unique story, along with other key facts.

Once up, the city established a guided historic walking tour for people who wanted to walk Main Street and learn more about the city’s buildings and residents.

The bold window clings have been a hit in the downtown, leading to the city generating a second round of historic residents to allow more storefronts in on the action.

The nine new window clings have gone up in seven buildings including:

• Christian Community Center, 112 S. Main St. — Russel Frehse, local historian

• BettyLou Designs and Graphics, 119 S. Main St. — Laurence D. Baker, state representative who made the peony the official state flower, and Dick Cole, founder of the Cole Foundation

• Family Shears, 130 S. Main St. — Charles E. Redman, U.S. ambassador to Sweden and Germany

• Compliance Advantage, 116 S. Main St. — John DeCamp, the voice of Purdue, and Herman Krueger, builder and merchant

• Kendallville City Hall, 234 S. Main St. — Frances Dingman, nurse and physician known as “Aunt Fanny”

• Jansen Law, 228 S. Main St. — Chester Dekko, founder of the Dekko Foundation

• Atz Law Office, 202 S. Main St. — Ralph Atz, founder of Atz Ice Cream

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