WASHINGTON — Northeast Indiana Rep. Jim Banks hasn’t been shy about sharing his views about the ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, with the frequency and rhetoric amping up notably since the House voted to make the proceedings official on Oct. 31.

His Republican colleagues in the U.S. Senate, however, have been much less vocal about the topic, especially Sen. Todd Young, who hasn’t tweeted anything related to impeachment in the last month.

In the last month, counting back to Oct. 8, Banks has tweeted or retweeted on his official House account @RepJimBanks on topics related to the ongoing impeachment inquiry 72 times as of noon Friday. That’s out of 208 total posts, for a rate of 34.6%.

But that rate has accelerated since the U.S. House floor vote on Oct. 31 to formalize the inquiry, which passed 232 to 196 almost exclusively on party lines.

On Oct. 31 and since, Banks has tweeted 33 times about impeachment out of 62 tweets total, for a rate of 53.2%.

In comparison, Republican Sen. Mike Braun — who is not a frequent tweeter — has posted 10 times about impeachment out of 42 tweets on his @SenatorBraun account.

Young has entirely avoided the topic on his Twitter feed @SenToddYoung, with zero out of 92 tweets touching on the topic of impeachment.

Some of the disparity may be due to the nature of the ongoing inquiry, which is still currently in the U.S. House as the Democrat-led inquiry continues gathering evidence and testimony, likely working toward building a case to eventually draft article of impeachment.

If articles of impeachment are approved by a majority vote in the House, the matter would then head to the U.S. Senate for trial, where Young and Braun would be tasked with considering it.

Banks’ rhetoric toward the impeachment inquiry has been ramping up in the last two weeks as well, with the representative including hashtags such as #sham and #ImpeachmentSham on multiple posts in recent days.

Previously Banks had focused several attacks against Rep. Adam Schiff, Democrat and chair of House Intelligence Committee that is spearheading the investigation, accusing him of lying about the details about Trump’s phone call with the Ukranian president and information regarding the whistleblower that expressed concern about the content of the call.

Banks had also previously tweeted several times attacking the inquiry because it had not been brought to a formal floor vote, which then occurred on Oct. 31.

Outside of impeachment, Banks has continued to tweet about topics he’s previously been vocal on, especially tech issues related to China including about telecommunication company Hauwei and new concerns over the popular social video app TikTok.

Banks has also commented on ISIS and the killing of its leader around that time that news broke in mid-October and also had tweeted several times chastising the NBA over its handling of an owner who had spoken in support of Hong Kong protestors.

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