LAGRANGE — Santa Claus is coming to town, at least LaGrange. But unlike his trips in year’s past, Santa is going to keep his distance from everyone, just to be safe.

“We don’t want Santa getting sick now do we,” said Laurie Miller, the LaGrange Town Clerk.

This year, Santa will make his initial appearance in LaGrange riding on the back of a fire truck as it passes through town. Town officers are encouraging people who want to see Santa to pick a safe spot along the sidewalks that line both sides of Detroit Street where it passes through downtown LaGrange to stand and wave to Santa.

LaGrange Town Board member Carolyn Glick, who’s helping to oversee Santa’s visit, said her goal to keep Santa and everyone else safe.

“Santa’s still coming to town to check up on the kids,” said Glick. “He’s going to drive through the downtown area on Saturday, Dec. 5, to let everyone know he’s in town.

Traditionally, LaGrange hosts Breakfast with Santa at the LaGrange Town Hall. With the help of the members of LaGrange’s Fire Department, children would arrive and have a sausage and pancake breakfast, and then visit with Santa.

But this year, because of the threat posed by COVID-19, Santa instead is keeping his distance, riding on the back of a fire truck through town and waving to children as he goes.

Hoping to help children stay connected with Santa, the town is setting up a special North Pole mailbox just outside of town hall where children will be able to drop off letters to Santa.

Glick said its been challenging for town officials to find the right balance between keeping people safe and still allowing a little community holiday spirit.

“I hope there’s sense of unity in the community with everyone spreading out, going up and down both sides of the sidewalks on Detroit Street,” Glick said. “We’re hoping kids can see that Santa’s still coming this year. It’s been a rough year, and we didn’t want to see everything taken away.”

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