LIGONIER — A training tower, fitness room and larger overhead doors.

Those are some of the features that will be included in Ligonier’s new fire station that is set to complete construction later this year.

The building is making progress as construction workers have the framework up and windows installed.

The building recently started to have its roof put up. The overhead doors where the firetrucks will enter have been delayed due to supply issues.

Jeremy Weaver, Ligonier’s fire chief, recently gave a quick tour around the interior of the station and what features will be included.

The main space when entering the building is the location of the truck bay as well as a storage area.

“The overhead doors will be 14 feet by 14 feet, which is much larger than the 10-foot doors we have at our current station,” Weaver said. “The front overhead doors will be slide doors and will open like closet doors do.”

Lifts to put the firetrucks on will be located inside the truck bays so they can do maintenance inside rather than having to move the trucks outside in order to do so.

He said the lifts will be more helpful indoors since their current station is too small to have lifts inside and they’re forced to bring the trucks outdoors to do work on them.

The main space will also include a training tower for firefighters to do different training sessions. He said the idea for getting a tower at the new station came after the department visited fire stations in Topeka and Lafayette prior to starting design of Ligonier’s new station.

“We also visited a fire station in Ohio and toured their building to see what they have,” he said.

By the tower, there will be an area for drying firehoses along with stretch hoses being available in the area.

In the upstairs area, the station will have a gear room that is vented to help prevent any potentiallyfumes from getting into the room where firefighters would be potentially exposed.

“At our current station, the exhaust for the gear room goes into the firehouse and spews out fumes that carry some potentially cancerous fumes,” he said. “With the new building, we’ll have the gear room vented to help prevent those from getting in.”

The upstairs area will also include a decontamination room, where firefighters will be able to put their equipment in self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) washers, which are designed to clean firefighters’ equipment.

The rest of the upstairs includes a living area as well as a kitchen and dining area for firefighters to hang out in.

“We will also have a training room upstairs for us to hold classes and a fitness room for us to use,” he said. “We will have lockers and bedrooms for us to use up here as well.”

When the fire department has to head out for an emergency, the station will have a slide for firefighters to go down rather than a pole.

Weaver said they’re including this due to liability issues.

Most of the firefighters within the department are excited about the new station and the features it will include.

He said they won’t have to feel cramped anymore as they have with their current station.

“We will also be having some extra equipment available in our new building, which will be beneficial for us,” he said.

The station is set to open this fall with a opening ceremony set to take place when completed.

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