KENDALLVILLE — The best offense is a good defense.

The Kendallville Police Department is asking the public to take a proactive measure as it investigates a rash of thefts from vehicles over the past couple of weeks — lock your car doors.

According to Kendallville Police Department Patrolman Dwight Miller, the department has taken between 30-40 reports of thefts from vehicles in the last two weeks. Certain areas are being targeted, with the Knoills of Fairview being hit one night, Arvada Hills another and the Garden Park subdivision near East Noble High School on a third.

"It's happening all over the city," Miller said Friday. "They are targeting one area of town each night. It has become an almost daily occurrence."

Miller estimated in 95 percent of these thefts, the vehicle has been left unlocked. Police have received numerous reports of people attempting to open car doors, then moving on when the door is locked.

"It's a crime of opportunity," Miller said. "If the door isn't open, they keep on walking."

Only one vehicle showed signs of damage in which someone may have tried to insert an object into a car with the hopes of pressing the unlock button.

At this point, police aren't sure if it's a single group of perpetrators committing the thefts or not. While most of the thefts are being reported in the morning, police aren't sure if they are all happening overnight.

"We're still getting calls of people looking in vehicles during the day," Miller said.

Police are asking for the public to be vigilant, to report any suspicious people, to provide police with any personal video that they may have taken which could possibly reveal potential suspects.

"We could use some help," Miller said.

Police also are encouraging people to lock their car doors.

In what may be a related incident, police are asking the public's help in locating the owner of a bag of soda cans which was allegedly taken. The cans were all from a brand of soft drink uncommon to northeastern Indiana.

Anyone with information regarding the owner of the pop cans, or with information regarding the thefts from vehicles, can call the Kendallville Police Department at 347-0654.

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