Kendallville Fairy Door

In conjunction with Kendallville Public Library and Kendallville businesses, various doors have been set up around town. Each door represents a new resident, a gnome, fairy or troll. Each door will have a QR code, which can be scanned with a phone and a story text will appear online. The pictured door is located at The News Sun office, 102 N. Main St.

KENDALLVILLE — As part of an effort to get people out and about, fairies, gnomes and trolls have arrived in Kendallville— and they’re here to stay.

In conjunction with Activate Noble County, Parkview Noble, the Cole Family YMCA, Kendallville Public Library and various Kendallville businesses, doors have been set up around town. Each door represents a new resident. Currently, there are approximately 24 new fairy and gnome homes in the Kendallville area, according to a press release Monday.

Beth Munk, who is part of the children’s department at Kendallville Public Library describres as “a community collaboration.”

“It’s a fun and engaging way to get families out and active together, with a lovely little literacy component combined,” Munk said.

A complete map of all fairy, gnome and troll locations, along with stories about each inhabitant, can be found at that said, trolls troves have been identified in the following locations: in the alley next to the Strand Theater, inside Bixler Lake Park, as well as on the building at the corner of Vine and South Main Street that hosts the Nightmare on Main Street Haunted House. The press release states the public is asked to use caution when visiting these areas and that the Kendallville Police have been notified of the various locations, so that they can patrol and make sure that no troll is creating havoc for visitors and passersby.

Kendallville Mayor Suzanne Handshoe personally welcomed the creatures to town.

“I’m very proud of the fact that several businesses and organizations around our community have agreed to allow these gentle creatures to not only make their new homes within our midst, but also have provided many of the fairies and gnomes with suitable jobs to help them thrive in their new environment,” she said.

While the initial reaction was slow, the doors are now attracting more attention.

“It’s been pretty slow because we haven’t done a big press release yet. The businesses I’ve poked in to that have them said people have come in and asked questions. I was really pleasantly surprised actually. A dad and his two boys were asking about it at Tasty’s Donuts and said that they couldn’t wait to find the rest of them,” Munk said.

The effort attracts people of all ages and backgrounds.

“It’s an all ages, boy-girl, it seems to work with everyone. We hope to put another round out next spring, so if there are others who like a door or would like to sponsor a door, they can email me at the library,” Munk said.

When visiting each door, people asked to be respectful and not disturb the doors. According to the press release, the exodus of magical creatures from Ohio and Michigan was the result of an overabundance of stink bugs invading the creatures’ homes. A family of protection gnomes, Rowley and Rowena Gibletmuncher, has agreed to move into the City Hall building and will look for danger within the community.

Any businesses interested in providing a home for future fairies and gnomes interested in relocating to Kendallville or Noble County, can fill out an application at

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