SHIPSHEWANA — Despite being an Amish stronghold in Indiana, LaGrange County doesn’t have the best chicken and noodles in the state.

Or at least, that’s what the results of a recent online contest claim.

Results in a contest created to find out just who makes Indiana’s best plate of chicken and noodles were announced Thursday afternoon, and while LaGrange County restaurants didn’t win, they made a good showing in the contest.

Shipshewana’s Blue Gate Restaurant and Bakery finished in fourth place, the highest spot earned by any LaGrange County-area restaurant.

Middlebury’s Das Essenhaus wound up in seventh place, and the Shipshewana Trading Place Auction Restaurant finished in eighth place.

10 West, a Cicero restaurant walked away with the title “Best Chicken and Noodles in Indiana” in the USA Today sponsored contest. Cicero is located about 10 minutes north of Noblesville near Indianapolis.

The Covered Bridge Restaurant in Cayuga finished second, and The Country Post in Huntington took home third place.

Slightly disappointed that the Trading Place Auction Restaurant’s chicken and noodles dish didn’t walk away with the contest’s top prize, Lora Gates, marketing director for the business, said win or lose, its still fun to be included.

“Not bad, not too bad at all, especially considering the fact that we’re only two days a week most weeks,” she said with a laugh.

Contests like this one aren’t scientific, but rather a popularity contest. The winner is determined by online voting and participants were allowed to vote as many times as they want. The winner receives bragging right to claim they have the state’s best chicken and noodles dish.

Still, Gates said, contests like this are good for business because everyone involved gets a bit of free publicity.

Seventeen Indiana restaurants were included in the contest, including Tiffany’s Restaurant in Topeka. Tiffany’s finished out of the top 10.

Gates said having three local restaurants finish is the top ten speaks well for the community.

What else would someone expect from LaGrange County and it’s Amish heritage?

“It shows we really know our noodles,” she said.

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