Timberlane Drive

Timberlane Drive in Kendallville, pictured, will be torn out and fully replaced next year as part of a $1.33 million total road repair plan, funded by a state Community Crossings grant.

KENDALLVILLE — Kendallville will soon begin about $1.33 million in street repairs, with a state grant award paying for most of the work.

Kendallville received a $997,378.27 grant from the Indiana Department of Transportation’s Community Crossings grant this fall. That money will go toward a package of repairs of 15 different Kendallville streets, with the city putting up $332,459.43 in funding.

City Engineer Scott Derby said it’s too late in the year for the work to be done in 2019, so the road repairs will start once the weather breaks next year.

“It will definitely be spring/summer work,” Derby said. “We’ll be bidding here in coming weeks. Certainly at this point in the calendar, construction season is coming to a close anyway, so we’ll be looking at spring.”

The majority of the money Kendallville is spending is on a 1/5th mile reconstruction project on Timberlane Drive between Kammerer Road and Laramie Trail. That full replacement project will cost approximately $499,000 to complete.

Other than that, the city will take on 10 mill and resurface projects totaling about $536,000 on the following roads:

• Park Avenue between Diamond Street and Wayne Street, .547 miles

• Wayne Street between Riley and Wood streets, .128 miles

• Grove Street between Main Street and its western terminus, .123 miles

• Iddings Street between Freeman and Garden streets, .09 miles

• Lewis Street between Dowling and Wayne streets, .086 miles

• Sheridan Street between Richmond and Mitchell streets, .06 miles

• Oak Street between Wayne and Sargent streets, .114 miles

• Orchard Street between Rush and Diamond streets, .06 miles

• Prospect Avenue between Water and Garden streets, .159 miles

• Water Street between Prospect Avenue and Silver Street, .048 miles

The city has also queued up four hot-mix asphalt overlay projects for about $295,000 on the following roads:

• Krueger Street between Grove Street and the north edge of High Street, .167 miles

• Valley Meadows Lane between Fairview Run and Knoll Crest Drive, .121 miles

• Harding Street between Riley and Wood streets, .125 miles

• Drake Road from S.R. 3 to the edge of the city limits, .303 miles

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