KENDALLVILLE — Noble County Right to Life plans to hold a memorial service Saturday, Nov. 2 for the fetal remains found on the property of the late abortion provider Dr. Ulrich Klopfer.

Klopfer performed abortions at Indiana clinics located in Fort Wayne, Gary and South Bend.

Illinois authorities learned Sept. 12 that family members going through Klopfer’s belongings found preserved fetal remains at his residence. On Oct. 2, Indiana Attorney General Hill oversaw the transportation of 2,246 aborted fetuses back to Indiana from Will County, Illinois.

On Tuesday, the Kendallville Board of Works approved the organization’s petition to hold the service beginning at noon at the gazebo on the west side of Bixler Lake.

The event will include music, personal testimony and a reflection from Pastor Johnny Huff of the Hilltop Baptist Church in Rome City.

Approximately 90 people participated in Noble County Right to Life’s march in Albion in September, according to organization chairwoman Lucy Papaik.

“From there, it’s kind of snowballed,” Papaik said.

Papaik was inspired by a talk from Allen County Right to Life staffer Abigail Lorenzen at her church two years ago.

“That’s when the seed was planted,” Papaik said. “God’s opening my eyes to get out of my cocoon.”

Noble County Right to Life is being there for people in need.

“Our biggest thing is healing and compassion,” Papaik said.

She said she hopes the memorial service on Saturday, Nov. 2 will get the conversation started.

“People are blind to what’s going on,” she said. “They are blind to the fact that abortions still happen. It’s time to start talking.”

Papaik provided the following resources for pregnant women:

• Compassionate Pregnancy Center, 221 S. Detroit St., LaGrange, 463-7377 or 800-395-4537. Contact person is Susan Young.

• Life And Family Services, 201 S. Park Ave., Kendallville. Contacts are Deanna Rodenbeck or Debbie Derby.

• Women’s Care Center Northeast, 918 W. 7th St., Auburn, 333-7117, Ext. 307. Contact person is Ann Freeman.

“There’s so much help out there,” Papaik said.

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