Cute problem at Ark

A trio of kittens peers out from their crate at the Ark Animal Rescue and Adoption shelter just south of LaGrange. A recent boom in the shelter’s kitten population has Ark volunteers and workers scrambling to keep everyone of them healthy.

LAGRANGE — The cupboards at LaGrange County’s Ark Animal Rescue and Adoption shelter have gone from empty to full.

Last month, Ark was struggling to keep up with all the new animals that came into the shelter. Ark took in more than 100 new dogs in June, and dozens and dozens of cats, nearly overwhelming the animal shelter’s limited resources.

But after a story appeared in The News Sun newspaper and on social media highlighting Ark’s plight, people responded in a big way, donating dog and cat food, dog treats, cleaning supplies and even money.

Ark’s director, Cindy Miller, called the outpouring of community support amazing.

“It gives me such faith in humanity that there are still so many good people out there,” she explained.

These days, paper towels, once in short supply, are stacked to the ceiling. And no dog has to worry about shelter workers running out of dog treats any time soon.

“We don’t have to be careful now when we hand them out, we can just give everybody a handful,” she said of the treats she gives to the dogs at the shelter each and every day.

Miller said the day Ark’s story ran in the paper, one man walked in the shelter and wrote the organization a check for $1,000, adding that he’d just finished reading the story and wanted to do something to help. But he was not alone in wanting to help financially support the work done at the shelter. Miller said she’s also grateful to the children who also stepped up to help.

“We had a lot of kids who gave us their birthday money or donated a part of their savings. We had a lot of kids who wanted to help,” she explained. “That was really cool and it always touches my heart.”

Despite all the help, the shelter still remains at capacity.

“We’re still full,” Miller said. “We had a lot of adoptions, but we’re still full. For every one animal that goes out, another one comes in.”

Unfortunately, the shelter’s kitten population has skyrocketed, and the staff is scrambling to find enough canned and dry kitten food to keep everyone happy and healthy.

To meet any of the animals, stop by the shelter or contact Ark Animal Rescue and Adopt at 463-4142 to set up a visit.

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