Travis Hockemeyer, of Fort Wayne, is the 2020 International Flipper Pinball Association Indiana state champion.

INDIANAPOLIS — Travis Hockemeyer, of Fort Wayne, is the city’s first International Flipper Pinball Association Indiana state champion. Hockemeyer won the state championship tournament Jan. 18 in Indianapolis.

Hockemeyer is a sophomore at Purdue University, a Carroll High School graduate and the assistant manager of Fort Wayne Pinball Wizard’s World Arcade in Huntertown. Players from Wizard’s World have won the state tournament back to back years. Scott Elliott of Columbia City was last year’s state champion.

Hockemeyer swept the finals 4-0 over Rick Knopik of Evansville. He swept Elliott, the reigning champion, 4-0 in the quarterfinals and defeated Ben Finkel, of Fort Wayne, 4-2. Finkel finished in third place, sweeping Bob Skinner of Indianapolis.

In addition to the state champion trophy, Hockemeyer pocketed $1,465.80. He will travel to Denver, Colorado, to compete for the North American championship.

Fort Wayne’s 17 competitors brought home $3,560 in winnings from the state championship.

The IFPA has more than 76,000 registered players worldwide.

Although built for championship-level competition, the family-oriented atmosphere of Wizard’s World is becoming a destination location for private parties, including birthdays, employee recognition and church youth groups, just to name a few. The arcade is located at 14613 Lima Road, Huntertown.

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