HUNTERTOWN — As the County Fair fades into the past, Huntertown Heritage Days are fast approaching. It is time to get moving and locate the hidden film canister and win $318.37!

Lima Road Dentistry and the Northwest News are in their 20th round of combining energies to do this event, so fire up the Nancy Drew in you and think obtusely.

You will want a map for this clue. Free maps are available at Lima Road Dentistry, 9019 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, in the Empire Center. Maps are also available at Houser Automotive, Sweet Sanity Ice Cream or Phil’s One Stop Marathon in Huntertown’s core.

Here is a rules review:

1. The treasure note is inside a 35mm film canister.

2. It will be hidden within the corporate limits of Huntertown.

3. It will be hidden on public property or public access property.

4. The treasure hunt is open to anyone.

5. The treasure hunt will continue until someone finds the treasure.

6. The finder should take it to Lima Road Dentistry in the Empire Center.

7. “Public access property” is defined as private property one probably can walk on without being yelled at by the owner.

Without further ado, here is clue 2:

The Festival is around the corner.

Hopefully you procured a map.

Connect three dots to shrink the search field.

Put on your pondering cap!

First is a street with the name of a city

Where Columbia meets Pacific. It’s so pretty!

Second is a street with a provincial name.

I’m told looking in France for breast is the game.

The third spot has had change one can’t ignore.

Sadly, now there are shouts of “fore” no more.

The canister rests not far from a bee.

In fact, you could say it’s easy to see!

The bark it is with is not on a tree.

Prepare to move quickly with clue number 3!

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